iPhone: Malware that steals facial recognition data discovered

iPhone: Malware that steals facial recognition data discovered

A new potential danger is threatening iPhone and its users.

Group-IBin fact, reported the presence of a dangerous trojan that acts vertically on iOSgoing to steal the data relating to Facial recognition of users, documents of identity e SMS.

The malware itself does not affect the data FaceID present on the Apple device. In fact, these are not tampered with in any way but simply copied and then included in a database useful for cybercriminals to create elaborate videos deepfake.

By combining this information with intercepted SMS, cybercriminals attempt to gain unauthorized access to Bank services of the victim.

Facial recognition data theft: New malware worries iOS users

The first vector used by cybercriminals to spread this dangerous malware was TestFlight of Apple, a platform for the distribution of software in the beta phase. Once this channel was closed, they focused on strategies social engineering to spread the malicious agent.

From this point of view, there are several reports relating to messaging app among the most popular used to direct potential victims towards dangerous web pages, capable of spreading the aforementioned malware.

In fact, although facial recognition technologies were specifically designed to thwart cybercrime, cybercriminals appear to have found a way around this barrier. Although researchers say that the attack was mainly concentrated in Asia, it is very likely that this threat could soon reach the West as well.

This type of threat joins the now long list that uses deepfakes. The introduction of AI, in this sense, has done nothing but make the danger even greater, just think of the recent scam in which the image of Elon Musk to sell fake software.


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