iPhone Mirroring: with macOS Sequoia you can use your iPhone on your Mac

iPhone Mirroring: with macOS Sequoia you can use your iPhone on your Mac


Among the news of WWDC24 there is also macOS Sequoia, a major update that is not revolutionary but still brings with it useful new features. Among these there is iPhone Mirroringwhich allows you to use the iPhone directly on the Mac using the mouse, keyboard and trackpad.

macOS Sequoia lets you use your iPhone on your Mac

With Sequoia, Apple wanted to make “Continuity features even more magical”. iPhone Mirroring is an application that results in the possibility of use your Apple smartphone directly on your Mac. And when this happens, the iPhone remains locked, so no one can access or see what is happening on the Mac. The feature is also compatible with StandByso that you can always have the most important information at your fingertips (date and time, calendar appointments and so on).

As shown by Craig Federighi during the conference, just one click on the app is enough to “transmit” your iPhone to your Mac. Both the wallpaper and the icons appear exactly as on the smartphone, and you can browse the Home screen, open applications and even interact with incoming notifications. With the app you use your Mac’s mouse, trackpad and keyboard, since none of Apple’s computers have a touch display.

macOS Sequoia - iPhone Mirroring - WWDC24

The app also aims to improve the productivity. In fact, it allows you to move files, photos and videos from the Mac to the iPhone in a natural and fluid way, as if the drag and drop between applications were taking place on the same platform. This feature, however, will not be available immediately, but will be released later with subsequent updates of macOS Sequoia.

iPhone Mirroring is compatible with Macs with the Apple Silicon chip and Intel-based models with the T2 security chip. Additionally, the Apple ID you use must be the same on your Mac and iPhone, and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be turned on on both devices.

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