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iPhone, the hidden features of iOS 17

Con iOS 17, the latest major release of the iPhone operating system, Apple has introduced a number of exciting new features. What certainly attracted attention was the StandBy mode which when you place your smartphone horizontally on a charger, turns it into a smart display with widgets that show time, calendar, alarms and more.

But also i Contact Posters with which you can customize your profile card when interacting with other iPhone users by means of photos or memojis, special typographical characters and background colors. However, there are many other lesser-known tricks waiting to be explored. Here, we will reveal all the features of iOS17 that iPhone users are probably not aware of.

What’s new in the Messages app

Let’s start from news for the Messages app and in particular from photo sharing which has been simplified by means of a new menu that saves time when selecting an image from the library. Now just hold down the “+” button and the library will be at your fingertips, avoiding the need to resort to numerous taps.

Another update concerns the ability to customize the menu layout. Essentially, a long press on the icons allows you to rearrange them, giving priority to the apps you use most frequently during the day.

Combining Messages and Find My, iOS 17 introduces Check In to automatically notify family or friends once you reach your destination safely. If the user’s progress is delayed, selected contacts will receive information, all end-to-end encrypted, such as device location, battery level, and cellular service status.

Security updates

iOS 17 introduced the ability to useFace IDthe facial recognition system developed by Apple, for Unlock Safari Private Browsing Mode. To activate this feature, you need to go to Settings > Safari and activate the “Require Face ID to unlock navigation” option.

Manage the two-factor authentication (2FA) codes in Messages and Inbox it’s easier than ever. You can now autofill 2FA codes directly from the Mail app. Furthermore, by going to Settings > Password > Password Options you can enable automatic deletion of these messages after use.

What’s new in terms of sharing

With iOS 17, start a session SharePlay It’s child’s play: just hold two iPhones close to each other to start sharing right away. Sharing has also been simplified AirTag or other Find My network accessories with up to five people. All group members can use precision search and play a sound to pinpoint the location of a shared AirTag when they are nearby.

As anticipated during WWDC 2023, iOS 17 allows you to continue sending and receiving content via AirDrop even when Wi-Fi is not available. This means you can easily share photos with friends, even if Uber comes along and you switch to an LTE connection.

Apple also has reinvented widgets by making them interactive. This means you can interact with widgets on your home screen, lock screen, or in standby. For example, completing to-do lists, controlling music playback, accessing Home settings and more.

More hidden features

For electric vehicle owners, iOS 17 offers valuable tools via Apple Maps. Specifically, you can see the availability of charging stations in real time while driving an electric vehicle and choose your preferred charging network. The app Memorandum Automatically organizes items on your shopping list into categories to optimize your shopping experience.

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