iPhone, what are the best alternative apps to chatGPT

ChatGPT It is one of AI chatbot most used and best performing on the market e the iPhone application is the perfect example of how artificial intelligence It can also be used on smartphones to make the most of the features of your device.

Of course, it’s not the only such solution available for branded products Apple and a whole series of decidedly interesting and equally functional alternatives are available on the digital store.

Given that AI is a rapidly growing sector, it is good to know in detail what these applications are and discover affinities and divergences with the chatbot of OpenAI.

  • 1. Microsoft Copilot

    Microsoft Copilot it has quickly become one of the most valid alternatives to ChatGPT (despite having ChatGPT inside) and it is therefore not surprising that the iOS app has also become a solution highly appreciated by users.

    In this sense we are talking about an efficient AI chatbot that allows the user to explore the web looking for the information they need, in an easy and intuitive way.

    Furthermore, Copilot also allows you to generate images with artificial intelligence for free, a clear advantage over OpenAI’s software, given that this functionality is only available for the subscription version.

    Furthermore, the one offered by Microsoft is a free servicebut you will still need to log in to your account to use the full range of features available.

  • 2. Jasper

    Jasper it’s a AI chatbot designed specifically for professionals and women companies operating in the marketing fieldoffering tons of features and tips on the subject to help, for example, with the processing of commercial strategies efficient, business plan, optimization on search engine and much more.

    Let’s talk about software extremely customizablewith the user being able to set the application to their liking by adjusting, for example, their own tone of voicelo writing style and everything that can help to improve efficiency and creativity in the marketing field.

    The basic subscription it allows access to various functions, especially useful for those who do not have particular needs and, perhaps, are responsible for management your commercial activity.

    To access the version Prowhich fully unlocks Jasper’s potential, must be spent $39 a month; an investment that is certainly important but justifiable by the great potential of this chatbot.

  • 3. Nova

    Nova is an application available for both Android which for iPhone and is a chatbot AI basato su ChatGPT-4 to use quickly and easily.

    Among the features of the app extreme simplicity which allows anyone to rely on the potential of artificial intelligence from smartphones without the need for any previous experience in the field.

    Furthermore, the program is also compatible with optical character recognition (OCR), therefore it can also be used via the camera of your smartphonetaking a photo of an item and letting the software automatically scan the text.

    Plus it can be used on all devices in the Apple ecosystem and is available on Mac, iPhone and even Apple Watchensuring maximum integration with the functionality of any product used.

    There is, of course, one free version but it is very limiting and allows you to use the AI ​​only three times a day and replies are limited to 500 characters and 10 chats in the history. Furthermore, the free account also includes the advertisements which, although not too invasive, could still represent a problem.

    To avoid all this just update to Pro versionwhich costs $4.99 per week.

  • 4. the elephant

    the elephant it’s a great solution for productivity at all levels and can help the user manage their activities at 360°, from correction of your documents and up to the functions for automatically reply to emails.

    Let’s talk about a tool extremely flexible and allows you to easily use all the features of GPT-3 on your iPhone in an extremely intuitive way.

    One of the most interesting functions is the keyboard integratedwhich allows you to access the functions of artificial intelligence quickly and easily, exploiting the potential of the software even during writing a simple message of text, allowing him to analyze the writing, find any errors and enable i suggestions for smoother writing. Besides Elephas is available in several languages and is extremely competent in each of them.

    The price of the Pro version is 4 dollars a month with a 30 day free trial; to this we must add 1 dollar payable to OpenAI for its services, bringing the monthly cost to around $5.

  • 5. Socratic

    Socratic by Google It’s available for both Android and iOS, and is the perfect AI chatbot for math lovers at all levels.

    The tool, in fact, was developed specifically for solve mathematical equations even extremely complex ones in just a few seconds, greatly simplifying users’ lives.

    In addition to this, it is also able to provide great help in various other subjects including: biology, chemistry e literatureeffectively becoming a sort of virtual tutor ready to intervene if necessary.

    AND also compatible with OCRthus allowing you to take a photo of your question or the mathematical problem to be solved to provide an answer in a very short time.

    Alternatively you can write your own questions or use the voice assistantthus becoming a system to improve simple and complete learning but, above all, completely free.

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