iPhone with Face ID under the display probably after 2026

After Touch ID came the Face ID. Apple’s is probably the best authentication system using face recognition but it forces the Cupertino company to reduce the useful space on the display. In 2022, with the debut of the Dynamic Island, a clever solution was found to make that “black space” on the screen more useful, but there is more in the future.

The evolution of Face ID takes time

According to a source within Apple’s supply chain, the Face ID module will hide under the screen of iPhones “after 2026” and will use technology developed by LG Innotek.

Apple has registered several patents that describe ways in which all the components that today find space in the Dynamic Island cutout (which is nothing more than a dynamic notch, as the name itself suggests) could be moved and/or hidden. To date, the only element that has found a new position compared to the recent past is the upper speaker, moved to an almost invisible slot in the frame.

In reality, it would already be possible to achieve this result today, albeit by accepting some compromise. In 2019, for example, OPPO presented a smartphone with an “invisible” front camera but with one quality of shots not at all convincing. And considering that Apple advertises its iPhones as camera phones, it could never – in its current state – embrace a similar solution.

News expected after 2026

According to a recent report shared by TheElec (via 9to5mac), Apple is ready to introduce innovations related to Face ID after 2026therefore – all things considered – not before the iPhone 19 range in 2027.

«LG Innotek has started the preliminary development phase of an “under-display camera” (UPC) in which the camera lens holes are not visible“, it is read. «It is likely that this solution will be adopted for Apple’s full-screen iPhone. The first iPhone with UPC is expected to launch after 2026».

From the same report we learn that Apple would also evaluate proposals from other suppliers (probably Samsung), but she would not have been satisfied with the quality.

Cover image ©9to5mac


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