Is Microsoft “copying” the Circle to Search feature on its Edge browser?


Circle of Searcha new feature based onArtificial Intelligenceand currently available on smartphones Pixel 8 e Galaxy S24 could soon be “copied” by Microsoft and displayed on your browser Edge.

The function in question allows you to carry out a quick search on Google by drawing a circle around a content that appears on a smartphone display. According to some rumors reported by Windows Reportthe new feature should be called Circle To Copilotoffering a user experience very similar to the original Circle of Search.

In fact, by circling an image on the screen with the cursor, it will be possible to ask the Artificial Intelligence for more information on the content through textual input, exploiting the enormous potential of Copilot. After a few seconds of the command, the assistant will generate an appropriate response.

Microsoft “copies” Circle to Search and proposes a version for Edge: here’s what we know about it

According to what has emerged, Circle To Copilot will be tested through Microsoft Edge Canary, the experimental build of the browser. At the moment, even for many users who have access to the Canary project this specific function is not yet active.

Although the introduction of this “clone” of Circle of Search appears not far in time, as you can easily imagine, Microsoft has not made any statements regarding a potential time window.

Its still embryonic nature, among other things, leaves the discussion open regarding various questions: is it a function can be activated manually on Copilot? Or it will work like Ask Copilotthat is, highlighting content and clicking the right mouse button?

On the other hand, the desktop environment is very different from Android smartphones and, therefore, this function will require a small adaptation to be effectively functional. In fact, it is not yet known whether Circle To Copilot will be available only for Edge in desktop version or even for theapp Android.

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