IT accessories for Inspector Gadgets that perhaps you didn’t know existed

IT accessories for Inspector Gadgets that perhaps you didn't know existed

The world of IT accessories it’s so vast that you may never have come across an object that would otherwise have helped you improve your workflows, your network or, simply, the organization of your desk.

In recent days we have come across a post that offers an effective “roundup” of many underestimated accessories, which can however make the difference in many situations. Among the many ideas, RJ-45 adapters and angular cables, SATA to USB-C and USB-A adapters (also in an angular version), the so-called dongle Small size WiFi or Bluetooth USB and many more.

The suggestions are the result of 25 years of experience in the IT field and can solve many common problems.

RJ-45, USB-C and USB-A Ethernet corner adapters

Notebooks no longer have RJ-45 Ethernet ports but there are many devices that use them, located in the most diverse places. With minimal spending, you can find and purchase RJ-45 adapters and angled cables.

There are also practical RJ45 couplers on the market, i.e. economical devices that allow you to “splice” hollow Ethernet that result corti. They are not products to be used in a data center, jokes the author of the article, but for domestic or semi-professional users, when the 2.5 GbEthey are more than enough.

Just like in the case of RJ-45, they are also easy to find USB-C/USB-A corner adapters. Just browse these pages to identify multiple alternatives.

SATA to USB-C or USB-A adapters

How many times have you cloned the contents of a hard disk on a new one SSD, simply to make an old system faster. Many. Now that Macrium Reflect Free is no longer supported (the program still remains fully functional), you can copy Windows to SSD using the dd command and Linux.

With a simple search, for example, on Amazon Europe you can find adapters from SATA to USB-C/USB-A that allow you to connect thetarget SSD drive. Once the data transfer is complete, simply dismantle the old hard disk and replace it with the significantly higher-performance SSD unit.

USB-A USB-C adapters

The new point of reference for connecting USB devices has now become the USB-C ports. THE USB-A connectorshowever, they have not been wiped off the face of the Earth and indeed users exploit several devices of this type.

There are adapters on the market, obviously very small in size, from USB-A to USB-C or vice versa, depending on specific needs.

Small size USB WiFi or Bluetooth dongle

There are situations in which it makes sense to enrich the device you are dealing with by enabling WiFi or Bluetooth support using a specific dongle. Regardless of the presence of a dedicated chip, it is possible to add wireless connectivity in case of specific needs using compact devices such as these.

The advice is to choose dongle based on chips widely known by operating systems so as not to have problems. In these cases, in fact, the connection can be used without installing drivers.

Adattatore USB-C Micro USB

Nowadays the devices that use the connector Micro USB they are less and less common. Even in this case, however, they are not yet completely abandoned. To avoid having to resort to dedicated Micro USB cables, you can equip yourself with a small USB-C to Micro USB adapter.

This adapter takes USB-C as its power input and is capable of charging Micro USB devices.

You can find them for around 1-2 dollars, for example on https://aliexpress.com, with the keywords “USB-C USB Micro adapter” in their search.

USB-C adapters for notebooks and routers 5.5 x 2.5 mm

For powering new notebooks, the standard is usually USB-C. In fact, it is possible to power even quite old laptops in the same way. The important thing is that the USB charger is able to provide sufficient power.

For example, a charger capable of delivering 20V at 3.25A provides enough 65W for an older ThinkPad X220/T420s or 20V at 6.75A for the 135W of a ThinkPad W520.

The other noteworthy IT accessories

In the article available at this address, you can find many other ideas of great interest. For example the Boom Microphone Cable, a cable that extends the functionality of headphones without microphonefor example the excellent Sony WH1000XM4.

You will also find suggestions for choosing versatile ones headphone holdersdual USB-A USB-C sticks, small USB hubs, USB multiport adapters also compatible with Lightning, Micro USB and micro SD cards.

Credit immagine in aperture: StarTech/Amazon.

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