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IT security, strategies to defend yourself from the dangers of the web

  1. How to defend yourself from the main online threats
  2. Guide to safe online browsing
  3. How to manage passwords and logins securely
  4. How to prevent your Wi-Fi network from being hacked
  5. What to do if your PC or smartphone is infected

In an increasingly connected world, where everything revolves around the web and to the new ones electronic devicesthe discussion on IT security becomes even more central in the life of people, companies e Governments.

And alongside this evolution towards a digital context, the daily threats which come from from the network and give them new technologies (intelligenceartificial first and foremost), which they offered to cyber criminals new earning opportunities to the detriment of all unaware users who have not yet fully understood the extent of these changes.

After learned to recognize cyber threats in the ebook “IT security, what the threats are and how to recognize them”, discover how to defend yourself from online threats effectively.

How to defend yourself from the main online threats

Ransomware, phishing, social engineering, spoofing e SIM swapthese are just some of the dangers that threaten users on the web every day personal data it’s theirs wallets.

We are clearly talking about increasingly common problems that are growing visibly they evolve at an impressive pace, also thanks to them new technologies which can lend a great hand to digital attackers and, of course, the increasingly centrality of the network in people’s lives.

However, defending yourself is possible, and in addition to the more classic countermeasures, such as antivirus e antimalwarewhat can make the difference online is a little common sense and, of course, pay attention to anything that may seem “unusual”, such as emails containing suspicious links, too advantageous promotions to look real and any kind of interaction out of the ordinary.

And in such a changing context, too lo shopping online can represent a danger, especially in particular events such as Black Fridayi sales of the Christmas holidays. And in this sense, the user will have to pay even more attention and navigate with peace of mind, certainly, but also with awareness of the dangers that “lurk” in every corner of the web.

Guide to safe online browsing

The greatest dangers, obviously, arise from those that are considered as “dark areas” of the networkspaces considered forbidden which are generally best avoided, such as the Dark Web, for example. But not only.

Also social network they can hide pitfalls, especially if used incorrectly or absentmindedly, sharing sensitive information e personal data.

And the first way to defend yourself from these dangers is navigate safely knowing the risks but also the instruments which can guarantee the user a safe stay online.

Among these we remember the browser “privacy friendly”that is, they put user data first, keeping it safe from external eyes that could have disastrous consequences.

To ensure a better stay on the web, we must not forget the various ones either online security softwarethe VPN eh DNSall valid allies available to the user who can guarantee a risk-free navigation.

Another crucial point is the privacy of minors who now commonly use the web, even accessing those sites that theoretically should be closed to them. And in this sense, it is up to adults to supervise and use, if necessary, measures for the Parental Control which can keep the little ones safe from all that content they should stay away from.

How to manage passwords and logins securely

And speaking of online securityyou can’t leave everything out the discussion about passwords and on the various login credentials that we commonly use on sites and applications.

To be depends the security of personal data and therefore they must be managed with the utmost caution, trying to develop complex solutionsopting for two-factor authentication systems and, possibly, a Password Managerto lock all access data in a “virtual safe”.

Here too, security plays a fundamental role but, as already mentioned, it is up to the user take care of your passwordschoosing the right tools to keep them safe and constantly changing credentials, especially for those “sensitive” users such as bank current accounts, social network and boxes email.

How to prevent your Wi-Fi network from being hacked

Naturally a large part of the discussion depends on the type of connection you use to access the web which, more and more frequently, becomes the object of unwanted attention from digital attackers.

Il Home Wi-Fifor example, is a real gateway to an endless series of services, come on banking data until you get to all the various ones connected devices to it as smartphone, computer, smart home devices and much more.

Protecting your home network is possible and all users can use a series of valuable tools to improve the security of their Wi-Fi, making the life of hackers much more complicated.

From the choice of a more secure routeruntil one is set alphanumeric network key difficult to identify, these are just some of the strategies that can keep digital attackers away, it will only be up to the user to choose the most efficient one before it is too late.

What to do if your PC or smartphone is infected

Web threats are not always intercepted promptly by the various security systems and when the PC or smartphone becomes infected the ones who pay the price could be personal data of users and, in the worst cases, also theirs Bank account.

And if a virus were to hit our electronic devices, all we can do is ask for help from one of the modern ones antivirus which will hunt down the infection and try to eliminate it before it causes more serious problems.

The choice of best antivirus it is complicated and much depends on the type of threat to be fought but, fortunately, modern IT systems are ready to deal with it problems of different magnitudes guaranteeing the user a simple use and very often fully automated which will take care of it in total autonomy security of your devices.

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