Jupiter's Airdrops steal the show on Solana, will Pullix be even bigger?

The Jupiter airdrop saw over $750 million in JUP tokens distributed to loyal users. Such a massive event saw Solana reach $1.14 billion in volume on DEX, surpassing Ethereum on the day of the drop. Attention now shifts to Pullix’s (PLX) ongoing presale, with many speculating that this new entrant could surge 100x in 2024 as it disrupts the status quo.

Jupiter (JUP) Airdrops Ruba la Scena su Solana (SOL)

Jupiter is the largest DEX on the Solana blockchain. Jupiter allows the exchange of any Solana token for another with extremely low fees and fast transaction speeds. Recently, Jupiter attracted a lot of attention for the airdrop of its native token, JUP.

The airdrop program on Jupiter was unique because it rewarded users proportionally to how long they had used Jupiter and whether they had used all the platform’s features. Such a model has rewarded loyal and active users most of all, with some individuals receiving life-changing quantities of JUP tokens.

The airdrop occurred on January 31 to conclude Jupiter’s “Jupuary” campaign, a series of events that launched a new chapter in the Jupiter ecosystem. One billion tokens of the total circulating supply of 1.35 billion have been distributed to users, with the remaining 350 million held in the launchpool and for LP purposes.

The airdrop helped boost Solana’s DEX volume, with more than $1.14 billion in transactions that single day. This volume surpassed Ethereum’s DEX volume and showcased Solana’s growing popularity and potential as a platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Solana maintained 100% uptime during the airdrop, which means the network has been active without interruption for 341 consecutive days. Low uptime was previously a significant issue for Solana, but it appears the team has resolved all issues.

JUP Price Prediction for 2024

JUP price started at $0.41 before rising to a peak of $0.81 on the day of the airdrop. Although it is retraced to around $0.56, the current price of $0.62 shows that JUP is starting to rise towards the $1.00 mark.

Some experts predict that JUP could reach a price of $3 or more in 2024. This prediction is based on the increased adoption of Solana and its DeFi applications, with Jupiter serving as an entry point for many users into the Solana ecosystem.

The current price represents a market capitalization of $850 million and a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $6.29 billion. It is worth considering that the leading Ethereum DEX, Uniswap, reached a peak market capitalization of $22.50 billion in May 2021. JUP needs to rise 26.38x to $16.69 to match that figure.

Will Pullix (PLX) Be Even Bigger?

Pullix is ​​a revolutionary hybrid trading platform that aims to combine the best of the centralized and decentralized worlds. By addressing the liquidity issues of DeFi exchanges, eliminating the trust downsides of centralized exchanges, and providing rewards to active traders, Pullix aims to become the platform of choice for all types of traders.

Pullix ensures that users maintain full custody of their assets by never storing keys on their platform. In fact, users can trade anonymously on a range of assets and derivatives without providing personal information.

Pullix addresses liquidity issues in two ways. First, the platform incentivizes users to add liquidity by offering generous rewards for staking. Second, the platform integrates institutional-grade liquidity providers to execute trades via an off-chain order book to ensure fast and reliable trade execution.

Token PLX

Jupiter’s airdrop captured the imagination of the Solana ecosystem by distributing free tokens to a wide audience to drive adoption. Pullix aims to take this concept even further by deeply integrating the PLX token into the fabric of the trading experience.

Pullix’s innovative “Trade-to-Earn” model rewards traders with PLX tokens based on the volume and frequency of their trades. The rewards come from the revenue sharing mechanism transforming Pullix from a profit-driven platform to a community-driven one.

There is a fixed supply of PLX tokens to maintain scarcity of the currency and prevent inflation. Additionally, the Pullix team will frequently burn PLX tokens to decrease the circulating supply and increase its value over time.

By allowing token holders to profit from the exchange’s daily revenues and earn a fixed passive income, Pullix is ​​creating a compelling proposition that could surpass the initial excitement generated by JUP’s airdrop.

It’s easy to see how Pullix has managed to raise more than $4.8 million so far during the current presale. With Pullix now in the final two stages of its presale, there is a limited-time opportunity for investors to acquire tokens discounted to just $0.10 before price discovery begins.

Pullix is ​​scheduled to launch in the next 30 days but has already attracted more than 15,000 pre-registered users. It will be interesting to see how this number grows as more people become aware of the innovative trading features and financial incentives that Pullix has to offer.

For further information regarding the Pullix presale see the links below:


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