JVC launches new compact HA-A30T true wireless earbuds with ANC

In time for outdoor sports activities, but also usable to follow conferences and online lessons in total immersion, the new JVC HA-A30T earphones, with Active Noise Canceling, have become official.
JVC launches new compact HA-A30T true wireless earbuds with ANC

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After the Gumy Mini of last September, the Japanese brand JVC returns to deal with wireless earphones, with the ergonomic Compact True Wireless HA-A30T model, cadenced in the alternative colors blue, black, white, green and pink, already available for purchase on Amazon, at a price of 94.99 euros.

The new tws headset model by JVC, immune to sweat and splashes of water (IPX4), adopts a unique color both in the body and in the silicone rubbers (3 sizes), to offer a stylistic fil rouge, interrupted only by the short metallic frame silver, furthermore functional to protect the microphone from direct exposure to the wind, so as to allow it to contribute to clear calls even on the most battered days by the Aeolus blows. The casket-like case is round and smooth, and therefore shouldn’t get caught in the place where you will store it, be it a pocket or a purse.

Starting from the technical elements, both units, which can also be used one at a time, have touch controls: among these, on both HA-A30Ts, the touch to quickly change the microphone, and that for the “Touch & Talk” function stand out. , after a little touch of the emission gem, lowers the volume to be able to talk to those around without having to remove the earphones. On the left unit, the volume control takes place.

The interior houses 6 mm neodymium drivers, with 20 – 20,000 Hz of frequency response and 16 Ohm of impedance: the connection with the source occurs as soon as the HA-A30T is removed from the case (and then switches off once placed in the itself), and is managed via Bluetooth 5.2 (energy class 1, SBC codec, AVRCP, A2DP and HFP profiles). The manufacturer has also provided a low latency mode, ideal for perfectly synchronizing audio and video, when playing games or watching a movie. Being a premium model, the pair of JVC HA-A30T earphones, the smallest and lightest (4.2 grams) in the manufacturer’s list, do not miss the active noise cancellation which, however, affects the autonomy.

JVC, in fact, declares that its HA-A30T earphones can reach (after 2 charge) 9 hours of autonomy, which drop to 7 with the reduction of noise: with the case (about 28 grams), it can be charged in 2.5 hours via microUSB, you get to 21 hours overall only with ANC turned off since, otherwise, it drops to 17 hours: on the other hand, there is a fast charging technology, which in 10 minutes provides 75 minutes of additional audio playing.


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