Do we want to keep two phones synchronized to use one or the other indifferently? Let’s see how to do it.

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With the increasingly widespread diffusion of apps based on cloud services we can in fact keep two phones in sync without having to pass data or backups from one device to another. In this way it will be possible to use both smartphones almost indifferently and, for example, have one always at home and one for going out.

Using the most famous apps and some synchronization functions we will be sure of carrying with us, on two different smartphones, the most important messages, images, videos, contacts from the address book, email messages, calls and files.

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1) Synchronize messages and chats

Synchronizing the messages and chats that we use every day has now become very simple, given that all the major messaging services support themulti device access.

If we use Telegram just log in with your phone number or account to have immediate access to all messages.

If instead we use WhatsApp we will have to open the WhatsApp app on the new phone, open it, press on Connect to an existing device and scan the code with our primary phone (where we first used WhatsApp), so all messages can be synced.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to save SMS online or on PC and on private chat app with encryption and secure, encrypted messages.

2) Synchronize bookmarks and login password

To synchronize favorite bookmarks and login passwords between two phones we have different methods: we can use Google Chrome synchronization, use the synchronization of any other browser or rely on a password management service like Bitwarden.

The simplest method involves turning on Google sui synchronization phone Android and on iPhone; after adding your Google account we use Google Chrome to visit sites and to save credentials and favorite bookmarks, as also seen in the guide above how to save credentials on Google account.

Alternatively we can use Microsoft Edge as a synchronized browser on both phones (this time using an Outlook account).

Only for passwords you can use Bitwarden as a sync app: by installing this app on Android come on iPhone we will immediately have access to all our saved passwords with integration into the phone keyboard or access via accessibility (we will see the password fields appear on the login screens).

To learn more we can read our guide on how to synchronize browser data and passwords on each device.

3) Sync photos and videos

Syncing photos and videos can be done with the app Google Photothe best in its category since it is available for both Android both for iPhone.

By launching the app and using a Google account we will be able to upload our newly taken high quality photographs and, thanks to synchronization, also view them on the other phone simply by opening the app and checking the latest uploaded photos.

In the Google Photos settings we also find the entries to save videos (which will quickly consume the cloud space) and the entries to also synchronize the other folders that contain images (for example the WhatsApp images folder).

On this topic we can read the guide above how to use Google Photos apps to back up images.

4) Synchronize address book, calendar and calls

Your address book, calendar, and dialed calls can be synced with both a Google account (the wisest choice) and accounts provided by phone manufacturers; on iPhone we can also use the Apple ID account but only if the two phones are both iPhones.

The apps that we can use to associate these elements on Android are Google phone, Google Contacts e Google Calendar; on iPhones this information can be obtained by simply adding your Google account to the phone by opening the app Settings and adding the account in the menus Contacts e Calendar.

5) Synchronize emails

Email can be kept synchronized on any device using Gmail for every account typenot just for incoming emails from Google.

After adding all the mailboxes (Outlook, Libero, Yahoo! etc.) into a single Gmail app, all we have to do is download the Gmail app (for Android and for iPhone) also on the phone to be kept synchronized.

In the stores we find many apps with multi-account email support, as seen in our guide to Gmail app for Android and iPhone alternatives to the official one.

6) Synchronize folders

To synchronize folders on your phone you can use Google Drive as cloud space in which to save the most important files, leaving the folders synchronized and accessible offline: even without the Internet we will always have access to our most important files, restoring synchronization as soon as we return online.

As an alternative method to synchronize folders we can use the app Autosync for Google Drive, capable of synchronizing a local phone folder with a remote Google Drive folder; every change to a folder will correspond to a change on the cloud and consequently on the other phone that has access to the same Google account.

On this topic we can read our guide on how to get android sync turning on and off automatically.


Syncing two phones is a much easier feat these days and it doesn’t even require the use of a PC: all you need is a Google account or similar account to have the most important information, personal data and messages synchronized between two phones.

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