Klarna, what it is and how to use it

Shopping e pay in convenient installments without interest. It is not just a desire of many shopping enthusiasts, but a reality made possible thanks to Klarnaan extremely appreciated service that more and more people decide to use.

Klarna allows you to divide the total into three installments and make transitions quickly and easily. It is perfect for all those who want or need to purchase products and objects that, at the time of payment, cannot or do not want to pay in a single payment.

Its operation is not complex, little information is required to authorize the payment in installments and it allows for intuitive payment management. It can be used in many physical stores and e-commerce, provided they have joined the initiative. Let’s find out all the details.

What is Klarna


Klarna Bank AB is a Swedish company founded in 2005 that offers online financial services, with the aim of simplifying online shopping, including the possibility of paying the cost of purchases in installments. It is a successful company, with numerous employees working in its headquarters in Stockholm, in Berlin and in other offices in Europe (including Milan).

The number of sales managed online has increased over time, reaching significant figures and becoming Klarna one of the largest European banks active in 45 countries around the world.

One of the services offered by the company, known by the name Klarnais what allows the cost of a purchase made online or in physical stores that have joined the initiative to be divided into 3 instalments, without interest and without having to show and provide any guarantees.

Klarna does not charge interest rates or fees, but your bank may do so if these are included in your credit card agreement

To use the service and manage digital payments you need to register on the portal e access your area. Registration and access can be done from desktop, using your favorite browser, or from a mobile device, by downloading for free the official Klarna application.

In addition to managing payments, you can do so with your account view promotions and reserved offers. Nell’area My Klarna you will find all the details on payments and invoices. From the application it is possible to track deliveries and returns in real time. Anyone who has can use the service at least 18 years of age and who are resident in Europe.

The provision of the service is made possible from collaboration with trusted traders. There are many brands that have decided to offer this payment method to their customers, including well-known and luxury brands. To find out about them you need to go to the official Klarna website or access the official application of the service.

Through Klarna and thanks to the presence of the numerous companies that have joined, you can buy and pay in three installments many product categoriesincluding cars and motorbikes, beauty items, household items, food and wine products, leisure items, games, electronics, jewellery, accessories, clothing, luxury items and much more.

How Klarna works


To use Klarna you need sign up for the service and create your account indicating the telephone number and other information necessary to make payments in complete safety. To use Klarna you need to have a debit, credit or prepaid card.

Once you have registered you can proceed with purchases, both from the Klarna app or website, both in physical stores and in e-commerce. In the latter two cases it is important to indicate Klarna as a payment method and carry out the required procedures.

In physical stores, digital payment is extremely popular simple and smart. At the checkout you are asked to scan a QR code with your smartphone’s camera or with the application’s scanner.

If you use the Klarna app, purchases and payments can be authorized directly from the platform. Otherwise you will need to perform the steps on your browser

Once the purchase has been made, the total is divided into three installments without the addition of other costs or interest. Before any charge you receive a reminder which reminds the user that the payment is due.

The amount of the first installment is charged to time of purchase (or shipping). The second installment is paid after 30 days from the first and the third after 60 days from the first payment. The charge is made automatically on the expiry date.

Klarna, what happens in case of returns or missed payments


The order can be canceled and returned if the policies of the store where you purchased allow it. In case of return and cancellation it is always good report the transaction to Klarna through the application and using the button Report a problem corresponding to the specific order.

Klarna will ask the store for confirmation of cancellation or return and, once received, will proceed to update the payment plan and to request any reimbursement of amounts already paid. It may take 14 days to process this process.

If you have problems with a payment and difficulty making it, you can contact customer service to find the best possible solution. If Klarna fails to collect a payment on the due date, it will make a second attempt. If the latter is not successful, the amount is added to the next instalment. It is good to be aware of any missed payments entail penalties and unpaid amounts may be forwarded to debt collection.

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