Klipsch announces the new premium speakers of the Reference Premiere series

Not long after the last big announcement, Klipsch has returned to the office, this time without sparing itself in terms of presentations, unveiling the assortment, of 11 elements, of the new speakers of the refined Reference Premiere series.
Klipsch announces the new premium speakers of the Reference Premiere series

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Launched at the beginning of May an interesting audio device, the American brand Klipsch Audio Technologies has updated its Reference Premiere speakers, now in their third generation, thanks to new advances in audio technologies (which earned them the “II” in the denomination , to mark the detachment from the previous models), without neglecting the usual care in design and in the use of premium materials.

The new audio offering from Klipsch includes 11 different models, united by finishes in walnut or ebony wood, with improvements in the cabinets (reinforcements and additional divisions to reduce vibrations), the use of aluminum for the terminals and for the feet (material cast in this), and the adoption of more discrete Dolby Atmos connections to increase the products’ ability to adapt to any decor. Cerametallic copper woofers are paired with 70% enlarged voice coils, with a motor structure employing aluminum Faraday rings ideal for reducing distortion and perfecting power handling.

The use of Tractrix horns has an impact on the high frequencies, in terms of response and extension, offering a wider soundstage, while the maximization of details has been entrusted to a “travel linear suspension titanium tweeter (LTS)”. To complete the tweeter and woofer, the manufacturer has provided copper rings that accentuate them, although the drivers themselves can be hidden behind robust and flexible magnetic grids.

Moving on to a quick overview of the home theater speakers proposed in the announcement, for which prices range from 499 to 3,198 euros, the new Klipsch assortment includes various types of speakers.

The latter consist of four floor-standing stereo tower-type speakers (RP-8000F II, RP-5000F II, RP-6000F II and, Dolby Atmos enabled, RP-8060FA II), two other speakers, also stereo, but of the bookshelf type (RP-500M II, RP-600M II), three loudspeakers (P-504C II, RP-404C II and RP-500C II) for the center channel ideal in a sound context to enhance, for example, dialogue , to which are added – for the surround – two other models (RP-502S II and RP-500SA II), the second of which is “dual purpose” since it can act as a rear surround when mounted on the wall, or as a speaker for elevation to donate Dolby Atmos to speakers already in possession that do not have it, essentially “shooting” the sound upwards in order to exploit the tilting effect to hit the user.


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