League of Legends: MSI 2022. T1 dominate G2 and go to the final

T1s got to the quarters of this MSI with some “draft” problems that they paid dearly for three times. Today this problem seemed to have never existed and they beat G2 3-0.
League of Legends: MSI 2022. T1 dominate G2 and go to the final

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In Busan, the hosts of MSI 2022 won (desperately) the final. The T1s have shown to have matured a lot in the last days of the Rumble Stage but in this Knockout Stage they have really surpassed themselves. The change happened so quickly, so unexpectedly, that the G2s found themselves a completely different team from the one they faced during the second phase of the MSI.

Unfortunately, the LEC representatives could not do much about it, but not for lack of the team or preparation, simply these T1s are, after today, the favorites of the final.

Recap of the semifinal

T1s won 3-0 against G2 solving several problems and recurring errors that led them to give away some points. They have always been “feared” for their mechanical level: the most skilled and most reactive players of MSI, however, lacked adaptability, effective plans, and draft. These problems, today, have not arrived and have allowed us to perfect the rough diamond that was already this team whose tip, obviously, is Faker who takes home the title of “overall” MVP of the 3 games.

Also thanks to the other players (in particular Zeus, toplaner, and Keria, support) who did not let themselves be obscured by the performance of the captain, now in its 10th year of activity.

For the G2, however, there is not much to say. Perhaps the targeted bans have made themselves felt more than they should but the truth is that they could do very little and when a team, like these representatives of the LEC (who know how to suffer and overturn games that everyone would consider lost) has no way of replying, the fault you cannot give it to anyone and you can only give credit to a team (the T1s) that showed no flaws and prepared the semifinal so flawlessly as to eliminate the opponent in a short time (we expected a more fought Bo5 ).

Separate chapter for the “fans” of both factions. Those of T1 seemed much more “calm” while those of G2 had that air of a “stadium choir”: on social networks it was a continuous demonstration of support and exchange of memes, especially on Flakked in the duck version and Broken Blade that finally succeeds to pick Ornn. In short, a nice atmosphere that especially the European and North American fanbase have been able to create behind this event.

The final

As already mentioned, the T1s, after flexing their muscles in the semifinals, can be considered the favorites. Gumayusi, adc of the Korean team, during a post Bo5 interview, also indulged in a goliardic comment “we’ll sh * t on them” referring to the RNGs they will meet tomorrow in the final. Goliardically tough tones that underline the rivalry between the two nations.

For anyone wishing to follow the MSI 2022 Final, they can do so starting from 10:00 (Italian time) tomorrow (Sunday 29 May) on the main twitch channels Pg_Esports_LoL (with Italian news) or on RiotGames (in English). Alternatively, you can follow it on the lolesports site where it will also be possible to receive rewards simply by watching the final chapter of this event. Who will win this final? T1 or RNG?

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