Let’s analyze the major changes of Patch 12.10 and how these were welcomed by the users of the Moba branded Riot Games, League of Legends.
League of Legends: Patch 12.10

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Wednesday 25 May the much discussed “Durability Update” present in the patch 12.10 of League of Legends will go live which brings with it, in addition to many systemic changes, aimed at enhancing the skills of individual players, many doubts and some hope. Riot Games’ moba fans and players are literally split into different factions, demonstrating how much this update affects more points of the game system.

With what is called “Durability Update” due to the increase in health points and resistances of each champion on the roster, Riot Games tries to remedy too much damage that in addition to reducing the duration of the fights affect other mechanics such as that of the life stealer. . Before delving into the discussion, however, let’s see what the changes are:

  • 70hp more at level 1.
  • 14 more hp per level.
  • 1 extra armor per level.
  • 0.8 more Magic resistance per level.
  • All healing reduced from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 28% based on the champion, item, rune and summoner spell.
  • All shields reduced by 10%. (Including those derived from summoner runes, items, and spells.)
  • Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration reduced from 5% to 10% based on item and champions.
  • Healing reduction decreased by 10%.
  • The damage dealt by Towers and Baron is increased to compensate for the resistances gained by all champions.

As already mentioned, everything will be balanced in order to prolong the fighting, give more possibilities for counterplay and at the same time reward only the most skilled players. Why yes: by becoming more resilient (the champions) there will be a need to take full advantage of the champion’s kit (his skills), manage resources well to create the opportunity to kill, and capitalize it with the correct play with greater attention than to what it takes now.

Of all the gossip about it, the concerns about “the enchanters will die” or “the killers will disappear” are completely unfounded, because the numbers taken alone can be scary, but contextualized to all the other changes you understand how there is , on the part of Riot Games, the desire to find the right balance between damage, resistance (which will be missing until day 25, and hopefully only until that date) and in the meantime enhance the ability of the individual player.

The scenarios that open up are many and finally each category of champion will have its spot to shine. So Tank and Adc, finally, will find a healthier environment in which to compete and feel (and be) useful. Assassins, enchanters and wizards will not die, and will only require resource management and increased attention to be played. Mistakes made will not be too punitive but at the same time there will be no rewards for badly performed plays.

Another balance is that of sustain (cure / self-cure vs Serious Wounds) which for too long, now, as evidenced by the competitive scene of League of Legends, is not functional at all. You think you’d rather take an extra ignite rather than invest money and an inventory slot for seriously injured items precisely because they often (almost always) don’t work as they should. It was time: let’s face it!

In conclusion, the patch will not mark the death of a specific champion class, for some of the specific characters maybe there will be hard times (See LeBlanc and Pyke for example), but basically it will broaden the choice that you can have in each lane both in onlyQ than in competitive. The goal is expanded and when this happens it is never a bad thing, on the contrary!

To deepen the discussion, we recommend a video by Terenas (leading LoL caster and streamer) who with his sympathy and professionalism explains role by role, class by class, how this update will affect the game. Video name: “What will happen to League of Legends? – Patch Preview 12.10 “.


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