The schedules of some meetings of the PG Nationals have changed and someone does not seem to have liked the choice. Needless to say, how much noise those few who complain make and how quickly the matter has become a meme.
League of Legends: PG Nationals like Sanremo.  The controversy even before the start.

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PG National kicks off today at 19:00 with Axolotl challenging aNc OutPlayed. The latter team seems to be the trigger for these changes to the tournament schedule and the discontent of some very aggressive fans. The reason is obvious: to allow the new Head Coach of aNc OutPlayed, Luca “Brizz” Brizzante, to co-stream the match. Concession that aims to expand the Italian fanbase regarding the competitive boot scene.

PG eSports has created something incredible, if you think that this happened in a country where unfortunately people prefer to hinder rather than homologate the new professional sectors. However, these efforts, albeit already partially paid off, may be worth even more having alongside figures like those of Brizz who is one of the biggest Italian streamers and the most important (in terms of numbers and titles) as regards League of Legends in the boot. Co-streaming would therefore allow the competitive Italian to be made known even to those who do not yet know of its existence, thanks to the sympathy and advice of the Magister.

In fairness we inform you that he will not be the only one to co-stream, but there will also be Apecarro (the partner) and Coach (team manager) Platy on the Twitch channel of Counter when they play the Samsung Morning Stars, Mistletoe with Revilvage for the Atleta Esports matches on the Twitch channel Atleta_TV and Charlie together with Tavernello for the Mackos on the Mackoesports channel. Each team, approximately, will have its own “crew” of co-streaming casters that you can choose to follow to support your favorite team and if you manage to do without the sympathy and preparation of the PG Nats casters crew. unites another major professional player and streamer: Deidara.

Returning to the subject of “controversy”, arguments such as “competitive advantage” or “competitive integrity” were discussed because, according to these people, “playing at 7pm or playing at 10pm affects the performances of certain players”, also giving very specific examples , but not considering that they are talking about professionals who know how to manage the anxiety of waiting (also one of the many problems arising from playing after 19 apparently) and their own schedules.

The discussion involved several not “figures of the Italian scene, in particular Deugemo and Terenas who, in trying to explain that we are complaining about nothing when we are doing something huge for an entire sector, have revealed that this is not really the case. nitpick. Going to the point: how much will the “Time Diff” impact on this PG Nats?


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