The PG Nationals is a tournament, the Italian pro-league, which will see the 8 strongest teams of the boot fight against each other to reach the top. The top two teams in the ranking will have access to the EU Masters where they will compete against the giants of Europe.
League of Legends: PG Nationals will start on June 7

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The PG Nats is the most anticipated tournament as regards the “pro” circuit of the Italian scene. Wanting to make a football comparison, it is like the Serie A of League of Legends, where the teams positioned in the first two places in the standings will have access to the European Masters, a very important competition in which the best teams from every corner are found. of the Old Continent.

This summer split has brought with it several changes within the teams, both as regards the players and the staff with some small gems that we will discuss shortly. Before talking about the singles and therefore the leading figures of this PG Nationals Summer 2022, let’s see which teams could represent the tricolor in Europe.

  • aNc Outplayed.
  • Sports athlete.
  • Axolotl.
  • Cyberground Gaming.
  • Esports Empire.
  • GGEsports.
  • Macko Sports.
  • Samsung Morning Stars.

At the last PG Nats split, the Macko and Atleta have gained access to the EU Masters from which, unfortunately, they will come out in the early stages, snatching only a few points along the way. This split, on the other hand, seems much spicier both due to the numerous changes and the quality of these.

The Samsung Morning Stars, who closed 0-18 last split, have revolutionized the entire roster by keeping only Captain Counter, which we talked about a few articles ago, as if they wanted to make a clean sweep of an unlucky season. More aggressive than ever, they aim for the perfect split (14-0) to redeem themselves from a sad spring. Among the new entries, K4zuki stands out in particular, streamer and the best Italian midlaner according to the ranking in only Q, and Noodle who, according to the rankings, is the 39th strongest Jungler in the world. Obviously, Solo Q is not comparable to competitive, but they are excellent starting points (excluding OTP players) on which coachs can work.

Another team that is making a lot of talk about itself in the last few hours is that of the aNc Outplayed not so much for the roster but for a particular figure who becomes part of the staff. Luca “Brizz” Brizzante, known on Twitch as Brizz94, will be the team’s new Assistant Coach.

Four years ago the Magister with the OPs won the summer split of the PG Nats 2018 and then reached the quarter-finals of the EU Masters Summer Split 2018, entering the Top 8 best European teams by right. We are talking about the best result obtained by a competitive Italian team on League of Legends to date. Who knows if this will be enough (together with his knowledge of the land) to repeat or improve this record.

GGEsports instead have Vyct0r, the second strongest Midlaner in Italy (according to the Q only) with some pretty funny picks including a LeBlanc, which is suffering a lot from 12.10, and Vex, which is one of the main counter of Ahri (who in any case he plays too) who at MSI 2022 was Pick or Ban demonstrating how strong he was in competitive. Among all, he stands out the most for two reasons, the first is that an 18-year-old Italian boy with a lot of talent, while the second is that he is in his second experience at PG Nats, where he arrives a little more “confident” than the first experience with Cyberground Gaming.

Honorable mentions go to: Rharesh of Macko, the best Italian adc with a long career behind him and a lot of experience, in Taba of the CG, the second strongest adc in Italy who seems to have a good Zeri in his hands, in Gabbo , the second best toplaner in Italy among the ranks of the Athlete, in Tinelli (top 5 Italian support top 10 players in the nation) currently in the Axolotl and Sandalo, adc winner of the Red Bull Solo Q 2021 Italy, among the best players in the country, currently in the EE.

The first “day” will be played on Tuesday 7 June starting at 19:00 (Italian time) which will see four matches take place:

  • 19:00 – Samsung Morning Stars VS Esport Athlete.
  • 20:00 – GGEsports VS Cyberground Gaming.
  • 21:00 – Macko Esport VS Esports Empire.
  • 22:00 – Axolotl VS AnC Outplayed.

The games can be followed mainly on the official Twitch channel of PG Nats, or Pg_Esports_LoL, accompanied by the voices of the hottest broadcast crew of this summer, members, with: KenRhen, Juniper, Moonboy, Juannetti, Etrurian, Wolcat and Deidara! NB: The first day will be played with Patch 12.10: from the second onwards with 12.11, which will make the draft even more fun (and less predictable).

Will the Mackos dominate this Split too? Will SMS be redeemed for that disastrous spring? Will the OPs be able to replicate the 4-year PG Nats and Eu Masters Summer Split with Brizz? We’ll find out soon, apparently!


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