League of Legends patch 12.12 will arrive on live servers on Thursday 23 June. Unlike the previous two patches it will be lighter but no less interesting.
League of Legends: preview della patch 12.12

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Of the Patch 12.12 of League of Legends, willy-nilly, we will have heard about it, not so much for the number of changes or the systems it will touch, but for an adjustment in particular to the build of Katarina on which a streamer has also intervened and quite well-known youtuber, KatEvolved, considered one of the best Katarina players in the world and, for this reason, a reference point for the Noxian assassin-loving community.

Starting from the changes of the Left Blade of Noxus, being also the one with the most information, we can immediately see that it is neither a buff nor a real nerf, but that we aim to change the build-path, or the objects that go to make up his inventory and the order in which they are taken.

  • Damage Scaling Dagger reduced from 75% AD bonus to 65%
  • And damage scaling reduced from 50% AD to 40%
  • R on-hit modifier increased from 25% – 35% to 28% – 38%
  • R scaling AP per hit reduced from 19% to 18%
  • R attack speed modifier per hit changed from + 80% total Attack Speed ​​to + 166.6% AS bonus

According to KatEvolved, nothing will change except the early game, making it even tougher. Here is the translated tweet: “All of his early game damage comes from his dagger AD report, so I don’t really understand that nerf since that’s not the problem? Any other change is simply too insignificant to notice, it doesn’t change anything in the game and it doesn’t change its build-path “.

Build path which, according to these changes, seems more oriented towards AP and AS objects (which give attack speed) aiming, perhaps, at a Nashor’s Tooth as the first object.

This change went UP on the PBE after the release of 12.11 on the live servers hinting that they were already preparing it for some time and that they needed further tests to evaluate its performance with these new adjustments which, remember, are not part of the patch final and therefore are subject to change or even removal from the final update. The other changes in the Patch are dedicated to adjusting the healing after nerf to severe wounds trying to balance them around 40% healing reduction; to tweak the numbers of the summoned “creatures” (and not surprisingly there is also a buff to Yorick involved) and to modify some buffs / nerfs on the build-paths that had occurred in 12.10.

Buff: Amumu, Annie, Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger, Ivern, Jarvan IV, Seraphine, Yorick.
Nerf: Bel’Veth, Dr. Mundo, Fiora, Janna, Lucian, Singed, Viego, Zeri.
Design: Build-Path in Katarina and Shaco, cure in Yuumi and Soraka.

As for the buffs there isn’t much to say but for the Nerf, while there is a lot to talk about, we’ll just try to guess where the champions will hit. The Janna nerf that dominates the bottom lane (and the winrate ranking) for too many patches is now sacrosanct: probably, given the theme of the patch, the care of the R will be reduced; Singed has become a nightmare since 12.10, devastating for his roaming potential, especially in the mid, where he has easy access to the two side lanes. The resistances of R and the damage to maximum health of E will probably be tweaked; Zeri will likely receive some nerfs at AP and possibly W scalings.

Mundo, from nerf to serious injuries, is earning wr too easily: he is a tank that relies on self-care, so you just have to do the math to understand where the good old doc will be retouched; Fiora has had many indirect buffs from 12.10 to now, including system and item changes, through to champion nerfs that counter her. Is it time for her to receive a reduction in true damage as a percentage of the passive’s maximum health?

Bel’Veth is an anomaly, a very bad debut for the empress of void (about 38% of wr recovered in a short time): it has good win rates at low elo but low from platinum upwards (therefore not so much high elo). Perhaps it is still too early to think of a true nerf so they will almost certainly retouch the E, either in damage reduction or in the lifesteal bonus (or both), but it could receive some small direct buff or not for creatures that evokes passive during siege phases.

Finally, the ruined King who will also receive some reduction in the care of the passive: if not 100% sure, almost. With this ends the taste of 12.12 which, fortunately, seems to be lighter, which is perhaps a good thing after all those changes over the span of 15 days.


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