League of Legends: Removed Lethal Tempo Nerf and Lethality Buffs from Patch 12.11

One day after the release of the 12.11 patch of League of Legends, the balance team of Riot Games decides to remove the Lethal Tempo nerfs and the Lethality buffs (except for the umbral glaive) and Protobelt.
League of Legends: Removed Lethal Tempo Nerf and Lethality Buffs from Patch 12.11

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The 12.11 will go live tomorrow (Wednesday 8 June) and just one day after its release comes the announcement of Riot Games via Twitter with an explanation of some of these choices. Mainly, Matt Leung-Harrison (Lead Designer who deals with game balance), has dedicated himself to the concept of “lethality” and why the items that take advantage of this statistic will not be enhanced in tomorrow’s patch (excluding the Umbral Glaive that will be buffed), starting from the Win Rate of the Assassins and then motivating this postponement.

Assassins have a WR range of 49% to 53%, so they are not as “Dead” as some players thought. This is because, even if they are not Super-performing as before (Too much is like little, that is, enemy of the right), now they require skill, vision of the game and timing in the inclusion in the fight, as it is conceptually it should have been even before. In short, if you are strong now (as a player), you will be able to exploit the killer well; otherwise no.

Proceeding with the discourse, he adds that in about 25% of the games (played by the assassins, of course) they end with the mythical object taken from the catalog of objects for fighters (bruiser) and that in 20% of the games even at least one legendary object taken from the same store catalog. Not being able to target the nerf of those objects, because the fighters would be affected, they intend to evaluate other scenarios, so they are just taking the time to collect more data.

In this regard, a parenthesis should be opened. This is a demonstration of the fact that both Riot and players are experimenting and must continue to do so, without fossilizing on the builds that were done up to 12.9: the game has changed and, although the approach is more or less similar, you have to adapt. That then many of the “complaints” occur without even a real motivation is another matter, like that of the killers who are not performing and that WR speaks clearly or those of the wizards who do not do damage in botlane but are second only to the enchanters.

Returning to the subject changes removed there are also the Lethal Tempo, which was about to be nerfed by 2% on ranged champions, and the buff to the Protobelt. The reasons for this rethinking have not come out but I assume they are linked to the many changes that are already coming with 12.11, excluding the key rune, they seem willing to keep an eye on the killers (also ap, since the protobelt would benefit many of them among including Diana who recently received a buff) and nothing strange that we will see this change again in 12.12 where it seems there will also be some lines dedicated to GangPlank. What do you think about it? Are you doing well to take more time to assess the “killers” situation?

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