Severe wounds take another nerf but are included in balances due to the increased stats on items that apply the healing reduction. Summoners seem even more worried but perhaps the situation isn’t all that drastic.
League of Legends: Serious nerf or balancing wounds

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The serious injuries before 12.10 and the Durability Update had reached the point of being useless due to the poor efficiency of this feature, especially if we consider that it was necessary to sacrifice important Stats (such as Ap or Ad) which are fundamental for carries and why a way to prevent an enemy from healing him was to implode him. In the last patch the situation doesn’t seem to have changed that much: they seem a little more efficient, but there is still work to be done.

This situation leads Riot to say “Ok, let’s nerfle them a little more, but on one condition: let’s pump their impact on player inventories.” Objects that until now did not really pay back the sacrifice of statistics, inventory slots and gold invested could finally become an item, always situational, in which it is really worth investing. With more damage to heal, with 12.11, that 40% reduced healing will (likely) impact as it should.

For those who still don’t know, 5% of serious injuries to the basic object (from 800g) will be removed, bringing it for a total value of 25% and 10% from the complete object for a definitive value of 40%. Nerf on very heavy paper if you do not consider, however, in which “ecosystem” this change is going to enter.

The real problem with this troubling number is that we players tend to isolate information, without thinking about the big picture. This is not to say that Riot has taken us: until the patch is live, it cannot be said, but it seems that we are finally going in the correct direction and that they seem to have figured out what “one” of the problems was.

Let’s see these changes to items that apply severe wounds before moving on.

  • Thornmail: Damage of “thorns” changed from 10 + (10% Armor) to 10 + (20% Armor).
  • Bramble Vest: Thorn damage changed from 3 to 4.
  • Mortal Reminder: Attacks required to apply severe wounds changed from 3 to 2.
  • Chempunk Chainsword: Ad goes from 45 to 55 and AH (Ability Haste) from 15 to 25.
  • Executioner’s calling: AD da 15 a 20.
  • Morellonomicon: AP from 80 to 90 and HP from 250 to 300.
  • Chemtech Putrifier: AP da 55 a 60.
  • Oblivion Orb: AP da 30 a 35.

We can immediately see the added statistics are not even few: that 10% more damage of the Thornmail that scales on the armor is very interesting (Rammus and Malphite will be enjoying), Chainsword combined with the Goredrinker buff has revived Riven and the Morellonomicon has become one of the best items in the game.

Doing a couple of quick maths, a level 13-14 Soraka with at least 3 full items (Moonstone – Ardent Censer – Redemption) at maximum Moonstone stacks has 55% boosted healing, which leads to her healing of W ( which has a cd flat of 2 seconds at rank 5) about 341 hp, without considering the rune that amplifies the heals by a further 5% and 10% if the target is below 40% health and without considering the additional heals resulting from the enhancement of the Q (with which it would reach about 400hp restored or a little more).

With the severe wounds of 12.11 it will be about 205 (rounded up) which with the increase in damage to objects are fair, because they do not heal all the damage, but allow you to keep a carry alive for a few more seconds.

Of course, yes, Soraka has the R, the Q to boost the W, etc: it doesn’t change the fact that now building those items against heals is more relevant, because there is more damage to heal, and even if it is not so much to ” shottare, ”is still enough to force a frail character to back away without necessarily destroying the usefulness of Soraka and healing in general.

Bottom line: are we still sure that “serious injuries” will be a meme? There is no bet, and you? PS: 12.11 will arrive on the Live server on Wednesday 8 June, not Tuesday 7 as wrongly specified in the past.


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