League of Legends: The problems of the SoloQ according to Riot

The soloQ has been in bad shape lately. This is not a simple “rage” of certain players: sometimes it is enough to listen, observe (and know how to do the calculations) to realize how, indeed, there is a problem recognized even by its creators, the Riot.
League of Legends: The problems of the SoloQ according to Riot

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We all have that friend who blames the “system” behind the League of Legends Ranked: sometimes he shoots them really big while other times he might be right, according to Riot Games. For this reason, for some months now we have been talking about removing the Duos in soloQ, re-arranging the MMR and how the latter has some problems.

As for the Solo Q, we have already said that they will remove the possibility of joining it as a duo. They had already done it with the High-Elo tails (Challenger and Gran Master), so it’s a mechanic that has already been “tested” and seems to work. This will solve the problem of “premade advantage” in Q only and long waiting times in Ranked Flex for groups of 3 players. Choice that seems to be a first step towards an experience as healthy as possible in both classified.

When we talk about Ranked, however, we often also talk about Match Making and MMR which do not always seem to be working optimally. There have been several bugs in the past and it seems there are still some: the most famous is that of using the “transfer” function of the account that allowed you to pump the MMR. In this regard, the first measures have recently arrived, among which the case of Doaenel stands out, who was banned precisely for abusing this exploit.

Always remaining on the MMR theme, every season we hear about a “reset” that does not happen on time or is not as evident as we expect. The truth here is much sadder: resetting the MMR of all players without the aid of a new ranked system is only detrimental to everyone. With the current system it would take a period of not short settlement to ensure that everything stabilizes, with the risk (as today) of seeing accounts “doomed” or with the possibility that they remain stuck in an elo that does not belong to them.

Yes, it’s true: everyone says “I don’t deserve this” but, as said in the beginning, we don’t take for granted that everyone is presumptuous. There is a concrete problem that is sometimes exasperated by many players, yes, which is used as an “excuse” for one’s own shortcomings or deficiencies, of course, and which must be solved. Maybe the bronze guy who felt like Gold will come to Silver, for example, or maybe he will stay bronze, but once the problems are solved they will have no more excuses and will be able (finally) to improve themselves as players and have more fun (consequently).

Another very big problem is that of “boosting” and the sale of classified accounts that are creating more and more problems with the spread of this phenomenon, not for reasons of bugs, but because some players end up playing elo for which they are not yet ready and, in addition to ruining their own, of experience, they distort the result of a game that cannot verify whether the MMR of that account is due to a real growth in the player’s skills or not.

Then there are the “Codes” that generally seem like “inventions” by conspiracy theorists when in reality they are things that can mechanically exist, just think of the Smurf Q where those players who are much stronger than their elo end up after a certain number of games . This in itself is not bad but it becomes so when maybe you end up there by chance and there the pain begins. For the other queues there is no concrete “proof”, so we will not talk about it, but does this impact the MMR and, on this Ranked system, must it be perfected? Perhaps. Is it synonymous with the obsolescence of the mechanics behind Ranked? It might as well be.

In conclusion: that League of Legends has problems is undeniable, as it is undeniable that Riot is, concretely, trying to do something. She can do it only in small steps, in attempts, which will take time but which will eventually allow her to improve (further) their videogame product. He would like to start (as announced in March) with the removal of the Duos from the Solo Q: what do you think about it?


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