Lenovo: here is the video showing the laptop with transparent display

Lenovo: here is the video showing the laptop with transparent display


Lenovo is proving to be a company with a strong innovative drive given that, in addition to the rumors regarding the launch of a new OS in competition with Windowspresented to the market a series of laptops destined to revolutionize the dynamics of the market.

We’re talking about ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptopdetails of which were revealed at the Mobile World Congress. As is easy to guess from the name of the product itself, these are laptops with transparent displays 17.3 inches.

The technology used to create these displays includes gods Transparent micro-LEDsto which is added a projected keyboard on the horizontal surface of the computer. For the rest, the laptop is equipped with trackpad, camera e connection portswith characteristics similar to the more classic products already on the market.

Laptop with Transparent Display: The Future of Laptops?

As far as the operating system is concerned, at least at the moment, ThinkBook seems to rely on Windows 11, with the possibility of exploiting some functions related to Artificial Intelligence. The diffusion of the futuristic ThinkBook is currently limited to Lenovo testing labs and, apparently, there will be a long wait before being able to purchase devices of this type.

The site staff gizmodo.com was able to get his hands on the device, communicating the first impressions that the laptop conveyed. As is easy to imagine, the visual impact of a laptop with a transparent display is remarkable, although there are still some features to be refined before the actual launch on the market.

It remains to be understood how consumers will perceive this new product and how, on a practical level, it could prove useful or, more simply, just fascinating from an aesthetic point of view.

At the aforementioned event Lenovo also announced numerous updates about the line ThinkPad in addition to the Asian company’s intention to make its laptops more and more easy to repair in the future.

Source: gizmodo.com

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