Lenovo: How to Manage Business Computer Buyer Expectations

Technical support, dedicated assistance, guaranteed reliability and a service that looks at eco-sustainability in the production and use of PCs. Here is Lenovo’s recipe.

Anyone who buys a PC, such as a notebookfor professional use has multiple expectations: among them are high performance, reliability, portability and handling, security, connectivity, compatibility and software equipment, good after-sales support.

Just the after-sales support, technical assistance and the extended warranty are increasingly considered very important factors for those who buy a PC for professional use. The reasons are many: by accessing these programs, the professional can benefit from the timely resolution of problems, reduce downtime by avoiding downtime and loss of productivity, protect your investment. There extended warrantyfor example, allows those who use the computer for work to feel more relaxed about its durability and long-term reliability.

Some professionals may also require aspecialized technical assistance for specific needs related to their business: “ad hoc” drivers or software updates may be required, support for the configuration of complex networks or devices used in the company. Good after-sales support may be able to meet those special needs.

After-sales support, technical assistance and the extended warranty can offer professionals greater peace of mind and confidence in their PC purchase, a condition of peace of mind which delivers a certainty: being able to request and obtain adequate support in the event that any unforeseen events should occur.

In the last few years Lenovo has promoted some initiatives that look right into this description: alongside a choice of hardware components capable of maximizing the life of PCs, the company has chosen to offer its customers some leading opportunities.

Lenovo: How to Manage Business Computer Buyer Expectations

Lenovo Guaranteed Reliability: the program that offers a refund of up to 1,000 euros

Starting last year, Lenovo wanted to push the accelerator on the program Guaranteed Reliabilitywhich allows you to receive up to a maximum of 1,000 euros in reimbursement on notebook, desktop and all-in-one PCs and up to 350 euros in reimbursement for tablets and monitors that develop technical failures after 30 days and up to 365 days from purchase date.

Thanks to the Lenovo Guaranteed Reliability program, currently in force until the end of March 2024, it is possible to both obtain a reimbursementboth get back the repaired product.

Valentina Fracassi, Marketing Manager of Lenovo in Europe, explained that the initiative is dedicated to the Europen market with the aim of maximizing attention to customer needs and product reliability. There is therefore not only a commitment to design and performance but also to services and extending the durability of PCs.

Lenovo Premium Care: tailor-made technical support

The program Premium Care allows access to the best technical support thanks to a dedicated line. If you have any problems, a team of Lenovo experts and technicians is available to manage and resolve a wide range of problems.

Unlike traditional support methods, which many manufacturers offer, Lenovo Premium Care not only provides support service during office hours but also offers assistance about “getting started” or how to perform a specific operation. It is included quick repair in locohardware and software support in addition to a check-up free annual.

The importance of eco-sustainability of PCs, notebooks and other electronic products: Lenovo CO2 Offset

push on environmental sustainability in PCs, including notebooks, is a pressing need that is increasingly recognized as a priority in today’s environment. This orientation is related to issues of social responsibility, environmental impact, conservation of natural resources and climate change mitigation. Adopting sustainable manufacturing practices can help mitigate the negative impacts associated with building and using PCs by improvingenergy efficiencyhuman health and consumer expectations, looking towards the future.

In 2020 Lenovo introduced CO2 Offseta carbon offsetting service2. Lenovo was one of the first vendor of PCs to move in this direction and to ensure that the owners of modern notebook Lenovo Yoga ultrasottili 2-in-1 can rely on the compensation of average emissions generated by each device for the entire product life cycle, from production to shipment (up to five years of average use), thanks to the various initiatives approved by the United Nations Framework Convention for combat climate change (UNFCCC).

Lenovo: How to Manage Business Computer Buyer Expectations

Framing it in the broader strategy of objectives in the field Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) by Lenovo (target net-zero i.e. zero net emissions of saw gasby 2050), the service CO2 Offset it was then extended to the wallet consumer and Lenovo ThinkSystem servers by providing customers with a simple and transparent tool to help cope with climate change.

Already in October 2022, Lenovo provided an initial balance of the initiative with the offset of more than 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide following the purchase of PC Think (desktop, workstation e laptop).

Lenovo TruScale: Reducing waste across the entire chain

The carbon offsets they’re just one aspect of Lenovo’s approach to sustainable innovation. The initiative Lenovo TruScale offers equipment and technological services by subscription or “as-a-service” that minimize waste throughout the chain. The idea is to help companies to reuse e to recycle IT equipment that has reached the end of its life, in the name of the circular economy and reducing waste.

Lenovo has also pioneered significant innovations such as low-temperature soldering technology that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions during PC production. The company shared it for free within the market in order to trigger a virtuous circle.

Lenovo Neptune Direct Water-Cooling technology ensuresdata center efficiency leading the industry by recovering hot water cycles to cool systems and enabling customers to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. During the manufacturing process, Lenovo introduced recycled plastics and increased the types of recycled materials used to produce the products it brings to market (think recycled magnesium).

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