Lenovo PCs: 4 out of 5 will be repairable by 2025

Lenovo is one of the manufacturers that have made the greatest investments in terms ofeco-sustainability of its products. Making devices from reduced environmental impact it also means designing them so that they can be easily repaired. The idea is to interrupt the vicious circle that has characterized the technological market up to now: if a product no longer works, it is abandoned; the consumer will buy a new one and help grow the market. A wrong and counterproductive scheme that led and still leads today to increase the volume of WEEE waste Year after year. Luca Rossi, executive vice president and president ofIntelligent Devices Groupannounces that i PC Lenovo they will be increasingly easier to repair.

Taking the stage at the Canalys EMEA Forum 2023, Rossi explained that Lenovo is committed to pursuing a policy of zero emissions by 2050 and the reflections on the hardware components used in its products are an integral part of the formula that will allow the set objective to be achieved. The new plans go hand in hand with Lenovo’s commitment to meeting the needs of those who purchase PCs for their profession.

Most Lenovo PCs will be repairable within a few years

Let’s leave aside desktop PCs, on which historically there has always been ample room for maneuver. Everything that is portable, ultra-compact or all-in-onemay suffer from problems design such as to make it more or less difficult (if not downright impossible, in some cases). repair of the devices themselves. The experts at iFixit, for example, know this well, having been publishing a for years repairability index for most products available on the market. Recently, for example, iFixit penalized the Apple iPhone 14 by defining them as very difficult to repair.

Rossi announced that by 2025 80% of a Lenovo brand it will be repairable at the customer site, by the customer or through the channel. Lenovo manager uses the expression design for serviceabilityunderlining the design approach adopted by his company which places particular attention on the ease and efficiency with which each product can be updated, repaired and maintained.

At the same time, it is still explained by Lenovo, 80% of repaired parts will in turn be made operational again in order to significantly reduce the environmental impact and promote the concept of circular economy.

Already today, Lenovo boasts good references regarding the repairability of its devices. Always iFixit awarded the ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 laptop a repairability index of 7 points out of 10. An excellent rating considering that only the Framework 13 modular computer achieved the top marks.

The European Commission, on the other hand, has started to update EU rules to ensure that consumers are better informed about duration and on the repairability of the technological devices they purchase. The new legislation should be defined by June 2024.


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