Instead of communicating your Wifi network password to friends, use a QR Code to quickly connect them to the network

Share Wi-Fi passwords
When a friend or relative arrives home, he is likely to ask for the Wi-Fi connection password to surf the Internet from his smartphone, check his mail or chat on WhatsApp. Since in some cases the password to access the protected network is long and confusing, it takes time to make it understood and find it if you don’t remember it by heart.

With some simple tricks we can create a Wi-Fi network for guests with a password that is easier to remember or, alternatively, connect devices using QR codes.

In the following guide we will show you how to provide access to home Wi-Fi for all guests without having to share long and kilometric passwords, so as to give everyone the possibility to connect quickly when they are our guests.

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1) Create Wi-Fi guest network

Guest network The fastest way to get friends to connect to Wi-Fi is the creating a guest Wi-Fi networka function now supported by all modems and routers in circulation.

What we have to do is use a PC already connected to our network, open a web browser (such as Chrome or Edge), enter the IP address of the modem/router in the address field and finally access the configuration panel.

Once inside we navigate the menus Wi-Fi, WLAN o Wireless looking for function Guest access, Guest Wi-Fi, Guest network or similar, choose the name of the new Wi-Fi network, set a different password from the one already used (possibly easier to share and remember) and activate the new network.

Even if we choose a different and simpler password, we recommend that you create one that is not exposed to hacker attacks: we create a password that is easy to remember but has at least 10 alphanumeric characters (numbers and letters).

To learn more, we can read our articles on how to create passwords that are secure and easy to remember come on how to create guest network on wifi router.

2) Android password sharing with QR code

Password codice QR Many modern Android phones (such as the smartphone Xiaomi) allow you to provide quick access to your home Wi-Fi network simply by sharing the password with a QR codegenerated by the phone’s Wi-Fi menu itself.

If we have a phone with these features, we can immediately share the Wi-Fi password with friends by opening the app Settings, by pressing the Wi-Fi menu and tapping on the name of the network to which we are connected; if your phone supports the function we will see it appear a new Wi-Fi QR codefor our friends to scan with their phone’s rear camera.

3) Wi-Fi password sharing on iPhone/iPad

Password Wi-Fi iPhone If we have an iPhone or an iPad we can share the password even faster, without using QR codes.

To proceed, leave the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on on all the Apple devices in the vicinity, bring our iPhone (the one already connected to the Wi-Fi network) close to the group of iPhones or iPads to connect, go to the app Settingswe press on Wi-Fitap on the Wi-Fi network to share and, in the warning window, press on Share passwords after identifying the Apple ID of the iPhone to connect (so you can be sure you’re sharing the password with the right people).

In a completely automatic way, the iPhones will receive the access information from the owner of the house and will be able to connect without having to share QR codes or dictate the Wi-Fi password by voice.

4) Create Wi-Fi QR code to print

QRStuff You can use it to create a QR code that incorporates the access data of a Wi-Fi network QRStuffa free site that allows you to immediately generate QR codes according to our needs.

To use this method, open the site, click on WiFi Loginenter the network name (SSID), supply the access password, set up SSID Visible (optimal configuration for most scenarios), we select the security protocol (preferably WPA2) and finally click on the button JPG or on the key PNG to download the QR code image based on our Wi-Fi network.

After generating the drawing let’s print it with our printer, taking care of enlarge the QR codeso that it is large enough to be scanned with phones.

After printing the QR code, place it inside the housenear the bathrobe or near the entrance to the house: our guests will be able to connect quickly by opening the phone camera and scanning the hanging QR code.


These are the safest and most reliable methods for make friends connect to Wi-Fi without giving them the password or providing them a specific password for guest users (the password of the guest Wi-Fi network).

iPhones are definitely the fastest at providing access to nearby iPhones, but scanning the QR code is also very accessible and affordable for everyone.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to find wifi password on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone come on how to share internet from phone.


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