LG presents the best news in terms of displays at Display Week 2022

During the recently concluded edition of Display Week 2022, the appearance of LG Display has allowed us to appreciate various innovations, in terms of OLED and transparent displays conceived for the market by our Korean brand.
LG presents the best news in terms of displays at Display Week 2022

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Like Samsung and TCL, LG too, through its Display division, made its appearance at the annual Display Week event held in San José, California, thanks to the commitment of the organizing body SID (Society for Information Display).

The first product exhibited, actually something already known, turned out to be the 97 “OLED.EX panel integrated by various manufacturers in their premium home cinemas, as known equipped with new algorithms for the management of organic diodes and with the use of deuterium instead of hydrogen, capable of raising the luminance peak by a maximum of 30%. Slightly smaller version compared to the CES 2021 model, the new 42 ″ OLED adjustable in curvature is able to switch from flat status, to increase involvement, perhaps during driving simulators, to curved one, precisely with a curvature up to 1 meter radius, i.e. equal to 1.000R.

On the vehicles, however, the 34 ″ curved P-OLED could well appear, a panel with 800R curvature, capable of including both the control panel area and the infotainment in which to display the navigation, with relative overview offered to the driver.

Scaling up in size, we inevitably arrive at screens for mobile devices, starting with the 17 ″ OLED, a folding panel ideal for notebooks: ideal for foldables, on the other hand, is the 8 ″ OLED, a panel capable of flexing ( without problems for 200,000 times) inwards or outwards, therefore at 360 °, always with barely visible bends thanks to the particular structure of which the manufacturer has equipped it which, with this product, will be able to challenge the analogous price by TCL. The 0.42 ″ OLED on Silicon, OLEDoS, with 3,500 pixels per inch (PPI), 7,000 nits, and 97% coverage on the DCI-P3 color space, was intended for augmented reality viewers.

Last but not least, the most futuristic projects. In this sense, the Transparent OLED Shelf is not a little stupid, a transparent panel hanging from a shelving, perfectly able to blend in with the furniture, perhaps to display works of art when in Always on Display. Placed on a floor stand, with a blackboard form factor, the Transparent OLED Binder is able to increase the contrast revealed on its images through a mechanism that behind it raises or lowers a curtain on what is behind the OLED. .

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