LG presents the first QHD OLED display with a 480Hz refresh rate

Il CES 2024 is just around the corner (the start is set for January 9th), but some companies have decided to get ahead of themselves and already present some news. Among these there is LGwhose Display division announced a new 27-inch 1440p OLED display, con response time of 0.03 ms and above all one 480 Hz refresh rate. Numbers in hand, it is the fastest OLED display ever made.

It’s an even superior panel to the one integrated into the 32-inch Dual-Hz OLED gaming monitor, presented only in December. The latter offers a refresh rate of 480 Hz, but only when the resolution is set to 1080p.

LG challenges Samsung: more details on the new high refresh rate OLED displays at CES 2024

LG Display therefore launches the challenge to Samsung Display, which is currently the market reference point. The panel recently presented by the South Korean giant guarantees a slightly lower refresh rate (360 Hz) and a resolution of 1440p. It is already installed on the 27-inch Odyssey OLED G6 monitor, but other companies could also adopt it, such as MSI and Dell.

According to what was communicated by LG Display, its panel uses the META Technology, a feature that will result in better brightness and wider viewing angles. The company plans to launch it during the first half of 2024 and will deliver more details on the entire new range of OLED displays (27, 31.5, 34, 39 and 45 inches) at CES 2024.

«To strengthen our leadership in the high-end gaming display market, we will continue to harness the power of OLED’s distinctive qualities, such as ultra-high refresh rates, fast response times and perfect black for next-level viewing experiences», said Won-seok Kang, VP of the company.


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