LinkedIn goes down a few hours after Facebook and Instagram

LinkedIn goes down a few hours after Facebook and Instagram

Even users of LinkedInas happened just a few hours earlier with those of Facebook e Instagramthey have something to complain about.

The well-known social network, at 21.40 Europens, faced a service interruption, resulting in complaints on other platforms. According to the data collected, the site seems to have become available little again before midnight.

When attempting to log in, the platform displayed an error message for the period in question, complete with a redirection to the Service center of LinkedIn or towards one of the contacts’ pages, without the possibility of interacting with it.

At the moment, a clear statement regarding what happened has not yet been released and the theories regarding Down syndrome are different and range from the most logical to the most unlikely.

LinkedIn down yesterday evening: the causes are still a mystery

A report of the LinkedIn downturn appeared on Xwhere a spokesperson for the social network published a tweet commenting on a complaint like this “It’s not you, it’s us. You may encounter problems when trying to visit LinkedIn. Our teams are working to resolve this issue and you can check for updates on our status page:“.

An occasional down is certainly not the biggest problem the platform is facing these days. Late last summer, for example, LinkedIn was accused of scouring users’ emails for purposes of marketingwith behaviors that are a little too intrusive.

LinkedIn is a social network focused on developing professional contacts and the job market. The company was founded in 2002 in Mountain View but currently has its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

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