Linus Torvalds speaks on the evolution of Linux and the future of AI

Linus Torvaldsthe creator of Linuxexpressed himself on various topics during theOpen Source Summit Japan in Tokyo.

In the company of his friend Dirk Hohndelthe head of Verizon open sourceTorvalds focused on the release of Linux 6.7 which, barring any problems, should take place during the Christmas period. Despite this, the fifty-three-year-old Finn did not say he was very satisfied with this launch window which, according to him “destroys Christmas“.

These days, therefore, developers are working hard to be ready for the introduction, adapting the software they work on to the new version of the OS. In the chat between friends, Hohndel underlined how hard and stressful the work is for those who work in the industry kernel Linux and how their role is fundamental to making the operating system competitive. Torvalds then pointed out that, in itself, writing code is not that complicated. What makes this job difficult is maintaining the relationships between people and theorganization of the work itself.

Apparently, the passing of the years is also what worries the two. The community that deals with the kernel, in fact, is overall advancing in age. Many of them are close to 60 years and others to 70with a generational change that does not seem to live up to expectations.

Linus Torvalds if you express your Linux 6.7, IA from open source

The two then discussed the topic Artificial intelligence and, more specifically, in the context of large language models. Hohndel himself asked how and whether LLMs will influence writing code, even in the context of Linux.

Torvalds said this is inevitable but, unlike many people, he doesn’t seem too concerned about Artificial Intelligence. For the computer scientist “It’s clearly something where automation has always helped people write code. This is nothing new at all“.

The father of Linux hopes that AI can really help developers by helping them find bug “stupid” but which, in many cases, make their work longer and more unnerving as they are difficult to identify. In fact, Torvalds sees these types of tools as useful for helping people be better at what they do.

Finally, the computer scientist wanted to focus on the concept of open source and its evolution over the last few years”I like the fact that open source, the concept of openness, has become much more widely accepted. I especially liked it because I remember what it was like thirty years ago when I started this project, and people would ask me: Why? And people would say: But how do you make money? That question no longer arises. The open has become an industry standard“.


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