Linux gets its blue screen: deployment in 2024

As the final version of Kali Linux 2023.4 arrives to the public, interesting news arrives for Penguin Tux lovers, which may take many of them by surprise. According to a recent statement from Phoronix, in fact, the latest version of systemd for Linux systems comes with a systemd-bsod service. In other words, Linux will get its BSOD too or “Blue Screen of Death”, or that moment of pure terror already known to Windows users otherwise known as “Blue Screen of Death”.

Linux will also have its BSOD

According to what was stated, with the stable debut of systemd 255 on December 6, 2023, the new component “systemd-bsod”. This feature will be used to show error messages on the full screen in particularly serious emergency cases. In addition to the details shown as simple text, systemd-bsod will then show a QR Code to more quickly identify the error that caused the boot or correct system functioning problem, as well as providing more useful information for its resolution.

Linux generico

Again according to Phoronix’s post, the affected feature was added as part of an Outreachy project and is still experimental, ergo subject to change. However, it has already been implicitly confirmed that the BSOD will arrive in most Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Red Hat. During 2024 the diffusion could be further elevated.

Still speaking of the Tux system, the Krasue RAT trojan was recently identified, three years after the discovery of its existence.

Source: Phoronix


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