Download and install the updated Ubuntu 23.10 version, also to try using Linux on your computer

Try Ubuntu 23.10 The new version of Ubuntu is available for download and provides, in addition to the usual security and kernel updates, a whole series of new features ready for use and designed to satisfy both novice users and users already accustomed to using previous versions of Ubuntu.

Let’s discover them all together what’s new in Ubuntu 23.10 and how to install it on a PC with Windowsso you can try it immediately without having to fiddle with the disk or system partitions (which is always difficult to do, especially if you are not an expert).

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1) Main news of Ubuntu 23.10

On the security side, Ubuntu 23.10 offers a substantial update, adding support for the TPM (Trusted Platform Module), already used by Windows 11 and now fully compatible with the Canonical distribution. Added to this is profile support AppArmorwhich allow the Linux kernel to limit application access to resources and privileges, making the system very secure (especially if you only use applications downloaded from the official store).

Precisely the official Ubuntu store, i.e.App Centerwhich allows you to quickly search for the most used programsusing Canonical’s Snap packages (easier to manage and update than the classic Deb packages always used on Ubuntu).

Snap applications are subjected to rigorous safety checksto prevent them from using potentially dangerous permissions or bringing threats with them, which is however very difficult given that the majority of downloadable programs are open source.

Other noteworthy improvements include extended support for Rapsberry Pi, the Subiquity installer, the ability to use ZFS as the file system, and a new firmware update system (more stable and no longer tied to the App Center).

2) How to try it on Windows

To try Ubuntu 23.10 on Windows 11 the best method remains VirtualBox, which allows you to test the operating system in a window by emulating all the hardware, so as to have a “PC within a PC”. First things first then Let’s download VirtualBox on our PC, add it to the system and download everything we need (even theExtension Packfrom the same download page seen for the installer).

After installing VirtualBox we start the Ubuntu 23.10 ISO download; at the end we open VirtualBox, press on Instruments at the top, click on Newwe enter the name of Ubuntuselect the ISO image just downloaded under the heading of the same name, press on Avantiwe confirm the minimum hardware equipment indicated and finally press on su Fine to confirm the creation of the virtual machine.

To learn more about creating an Ubuntu virtual machine we suggest you read our articles on how to use and try Linux from Windows on your computer and at alternatives to Virtualbox to install virtual machines.


Ubuntu remains the most popular Linux distribution for its simplicity and constant support. It is always best to try new releases on a virtual machine (especially on Windows) and only then evaluate it installation on an older PC (but not too much, given the requirements which are still high compared to the average Linux distribution) or on a secondary computer.

On the same topic we can read the guides to best Linux distros for old PCs and small notebooks and at Most used Linux distros in the world.


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