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Configurations for listening to music from Spotify on Google or Amazon speakers

Music on speaker

Smart speakers have won over many users thanks to the simplicity and precision with which assistants can provide answers to all our questions and the great flexibility offered for controlling home automation devices.

But which music streaming service should you use to listen to music from your speakers? In this guide we will show you how to listen to free music on Google Nest and Amazon Echowithout the need to pay a monthly subscription and using Spotify and YouTube Music for free.

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1) Music is Google Nest

To listen to music in streaming with voice commands we will first of all have to connect the Nest Mini or the Nest Audio offered by Google to our Wi-Fi network, then configure the streaming services to be used by theapp Google Homeavailable free of charge for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

If we have not yet connected the Google speaker to our network, we recommend that you read the guide What Google Home (Nest) can do: voice assistant, music and home automation.

By default Google Assistant and compatible speakers will use YouTube Music to offer free music: in fact all the music on YouTube at our complete disposal, with the addition of advertising messages (which will appear randomly during playback).

To make sure you have activated YouTube Music as a music playback service, open the app Google Home on our smartphone or tablet, we log in with the same Google account used to configure the speakers, press on the icon of our account at the top right, press on Assistant settingslet’s get into the tab Services and finally press on Musica.

In the screen that opens, make sure there is a check mark next to the item YouTube Music; if it is not selected, press on his voice to activate it immediately. To start a piece of music, a playlist or an album, all we have to do is say Hey Google near the speaker followed by the name of the song, artist or playlist to play.

Set up Spotify

With Google Assistant we can also use the service offered by Spotify to listen to free music from Nest speakers; It is not necessary to have an active Spotify Premium subscription, as Google Home is also compatible with Spotify’s free service (with insertion of advertising and limits on the number of songs that can be changed).

To activate Spotify on Google Assistant we won’t even have to download the dedicated app but simply open the Google Home app on our phone, open the menu at the top right (account icon) and take us back to the path Assistant Settings -> Services -> Music. On the screen we press on the item Spotifylet’s press on the voice Colleague account.

A window will open asking us if we want to create a new Spotify account based on the Google account or log in with an already existing Spotify account; in the latter case, a new login window will open from which we can enter the username and password of the Spotify account or use one of the quick access buttons at the top.

If we already have the Spotify app installed on our smartphone, after pressing on Colleague account The Spotify app will open directly and we will be able to use the already associated account to enable the service also on Google Assistant.

In both cases the Spotify service will be added to those selectable on the screen Musica: to use it all we have to do is place the check mark next to the Spotify item (in the section Your music services). To start music playback, just say Hey Google next to the speaker followed by the name of the song, artist, playlist or genre to play.

2) Music your Amazon Echo

Unfortunately on Amazon Echo it is not possible to use YouTube Music as a free music streaming service, but we can rely on it Amazon Music Primea service available free of charge only if you already have an active subscription to Amazon Prime.

In this case, simply use Alexa voice commands, asking for a specific song or album, to start continuous music playback. Not all music is accessible via Prime: in this case Alexa will warn the user that the song in question can only be accessed with Amazon Music Unlimitedassociated with a paid subscription.

Set up Spotify

To pair Spotify with Echo speakers, open the app Amazon Alexa installed on the smartphone (if it is missing, install it immediately on Android about are iPhone), press on Otherthen up Music and morepress on the gear at the top right, then on Connect a new service and finally on Spotify.

In the new screen we press on Enable use and configure access with the Spotify account, so as to be able to benefit from music as a free streaming service on all Alexa devices.

For further information we can read the guide above how to listen to free music with Alexa, via app or Echo.


By using streaming services such as YouTube Music and Spotify Free we will have sufficient freedom of choice to listen to free music on home speakersavoiding relying on music piracy (completely useless in this case).

The services mentioned above offer free music streaming with the addition of some limitations, such as the appearance of advertisements and limits on the number of songs we can skip; if these limits seem too restrictive to us and we want to have full listening freedom, we invite you to read how to use the app only Music with Youtube Music from PC and smartphone.

If we particularly love listening to music broadcast via radio, we invite you to also read our guides How to listen to free online radio on PC and websites e Best apps to listen to FM Radio and music streaming on Android and iPhone.

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