Live Streaming Italian TV Channels

All the links and apps to watch TV channels that broadcast online via the internet, in streaming and live

Streaming TV channels Many of the traditional TV channels, visible on digital terrestrial, broadcast live in streaming from their official sites, so you can see them at any time of the day from a monitor, without having to turn on the TV.

In this article we have collected all the sites of the television broadcasters that broadcast their channels in streaming and live. The only real prerequisite is the presence of a sufficiently fast Internet connection (5 Mega should be enough for most channels) and, for some sites, the subscription of a free account.

If instead of using the PC we wanted to use the smartphone and the tablet, no problem: for each broadcaster we will also point out the apps dedicated to channel streaming, so you can view them even on the move.

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1) Rai

If we are interested in seeing one of the Rai channels live via the Internet, we will have a dedicated site called RaiPlay, where you can choose one of the channels and start playback in a few steps.
RAI Streaming To start a channel, simply click on its preview on the site, then press the Play button in the center of the video: the live broadcast will start immediately, without the need for any registration; we can obviously enlarge the window to full screen if necessary, so as to view the channel on the whole PC or notebook monitor. The bar above the channel being played is excellent, allowing you to quickly choose a new Rai channel to tune.

If we intend to follow Rai live shows also from smartphones and tablets, we can download the dedicated apps for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

2) Mediaset

Rai’s rival, Mediaset, also broadcasts in live streaming Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4 and the other channels that we can normally see on digital terrestrial. In order to access these channels we will need to connect to the Mediaset Infinity site.
Mediaset Streaming Immediately we will be offered the live broadcast of Channel 5, but we can change the channel by choosing the one to be displayed in the right sidebar. For prolonged viewing of channels Registration for a free account is required (even if a preview of a few minutes without registration is offered): to do this, click on Log in, then click the button Facebook O Google, so as to quickly access the Mediaset service with their respective accounts; alternatively we can use a valid email by clicking on the button Sign in and also choosing a valid password.

Among the additional features we will be able to view the channel in full screen by pressing the appropriate button and, for the contents that can also be viewed on-demand, we will also have the Restart button within the video interface: by pressing it we will be able to view a broadcast, a film or an episode of a fiction or TV series, so as to never miss anything of your favorite program even if it has already started or practically finished.

Do we want to view Mediaset channels also from smartphones and tablets? In this case we will have to download the Mediaset Infinity app, available for Android and iPhone / iPad. The apps also need a free account in order to work, otherwise we will not be able to access the live broadcast.

3) La7

We can also watch the La7 channel live from the computer via the internet, even if for a matter of rights some programs may not be viewed via the Internet; the site to reach to view the programming of La7 is La7 Diretta.
La7 The player is very simple and stable, we can set it to full screen and, importantly, no registration is required to be able to view the contents. On the site we can also find videos, so as to review the best broadcasts even after the live broadcast.

To see La7 channels and on-demand content, we can use the dedicated apps for Android and for iPhone / iPad; alternatively we can find all the videos of the TG La7 news in the dedicated app for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

5) TV8

TV8 is a digital terrestrial channel that broadcasts some of Sky’s greatest hits, in particular those broadcast on Sky Uno and other Sky contents offered free of charge by the platform. We can also access this channel via the Internet by connecting to the official website.
TV8 The channel can be viewed immediately without any registration and it is possible to set it to full screen, just press the appropriate button in the player.

Unfortunately it is not available as a dedicated app for smartphones and tablets, but nothing prevents us from playing the channel from the site through any mobile browser (such as Google Chrome on Android and Safari on Apple devices).

6) Sky

Cielo is a Sky Italia broadcaster that is visible in clear text on digital terrestrial channels on channel 26 but can also be reached without limits from the Internet site; to stream the channel, simply reach the dedicated page.
Heaven Also in this case the player is very simple and will allow us to see all the contents in live streaming, with the possibility of enlarging the video player at any time.

Again, there is no app available to stream the Cielo channel, but we can always open the site within a mobile browser and view it from there.

7) Sky TG24

Sky TG24 is Sky’s non-stop news channel visible on digital terrestrial channel 50 (as well as obviously on Sky) but also viewable via the internet. To watch in streaming Sky TG24 all we have to do is open the official website.
SkyTG24 Once the site is open we will immediately see the broadcast in streaming, without registration and without having to press anywhere else.

The channel’s website can also be reached from the browsers of mobile devices and, those who have a Sky subscription, can also download the SkyGo app for Android and for iPhone / iPad and watch the live broadcast from there.

8) RTL 102.5

RTL 102.5 is one of the most listened to radio stations in Italy and broadcasts live online, as well as on FM frequencies. We can view the live stream of the channel on the Internet directly from the official page.
RTL 102.5 Once the site is open, scroll through the window and press the button Radiovision, so you can access the live streaming in the dedicated window, which we can also put in full screen.

If, on the other hand, we want to listen only to the radio, just press on Radio, in order to listen to the live broadcast of the FM radio directly via the Internet.

9) Paramount Channel

If we are lovers of old movies, we can enjoy the great classics on the Paramount Channel, visible on channel 27 of digital terrestrial and streaming from the official website.
Paramount Channel The live broadcast is visible without registration, just open the page and start enjoying the broadcasts of the channel, with the possibility of putting it in full screen.

Unfortunately, no app is available to view the channel from a smartphone or tablet, but we can open the site from a mobile browser.

10) Children’s channels

Do we have a laptop or tablet that we don’t use? We can use it immediately as Portable TV for the kids by opening the links to the live TV channels of the dedicated channels, as shown in the following list:

  • Boing
  • Cartoonito
  • Rai YoYo
  • Rai Gulp

We will thus be able to see the same contents visible on the digital terrestrial channels and also review the old episodes, all accessible on demand.

11) Other Channels

If we want to see other digital terrestrial channels streaming on the PC we can use the links in the following bulleted list:

  • RealTime
  • DMAX
  • Yellow
  • Channel 20
  • Italy 2
  • Mediaset Extra
  • Focus
  • Top Crime
  • Iris
  • MotorTrend
  • NEW

By opening one of the sites we will have access to direct TV channels, as well as having access to content on demand (ie visible at any time of the day).

12) International channels

To see international broadcasts, we can rely on the site A movie, where we can find the free live streaming of numerous channels but also some Italian channels (free). Viewing the channels is free for only 2 minutes, after which you need to subscribe to see all the channels offered.

If instead we want to see the two Swiss Italian channels RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2, we will first have to activate one VPN with server in Switzerland (so as to have the Swiss IP address) then take us to the site of the live streaming RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2, so as to be able to view the contents reserved for Italian citizens of the canton of Ticino.

If we look for a site with the collection of all TV channels to have faster access from a PC, we can focus on the player offered by TVdream. This channel collector allows immediate access to the live broadcast of many Italian channels, even if in most cases they are the same links seen on the official websites; in fact it’s just a big channel collector, so you can have them right away on your PC. This service can also be viewed from mobile by downloading the TVdream app for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

How to see Italian channels from abroad

If we are abroad and we want to continue to see Italian channels, the best method involves the use of a premium VPN, so that we can choose an Italian server and access the TV channels and apps seen above even when we are abroad. Among the best that we can use for this purpose we point out NordVPN and ExpressVPN, both available with full refund “satisfaction or your money back”.
VPN premium After choosing the VPN service, open the client downloaded on the computer, click on the representation of Italy or choose the Italian servers from the list and, once connected, open the web browser and go to one of the sites seen above, so that we can open the live broadcasts as if we were still on Italian territory.

Obviously the same trick is applicable from mobile devices: we open theVPN app we have chosen, we select Italy, confirm the VPN permissions where necessary and use the streaming apps or the browser to watch streaming TV channels even when we are abroad.

For this purpose, we invite you not to use VPN servers or free VPN apps, as we will hardly find Italian servers on them.


In this guide we have collected all the TV channels that we can watch online even without owning a television: a fast connection (fiber, LTE or 5G) is therefore sufficient to be able to see digital terrestrial channels even without an antenna.

It is also possible to watch on the RAI app Films, fiction and dedicated programs, without necessarily having to respect the schedule.

In another article we saw the applications to watch TV on mobile and, for those who want to rent some good movies, they can do it directly from siti di film in streaming on demand.


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