Locate a friend with iPhone to know where he is

Locate iPhone There are several reasons for those who may need to locate an iPhone without being noticed, that is, without the owner discovering that they are somehow “spying” on the movements: the first is surely having to follow their minor children, perhaps because they fear for they move or because the suspicion arises that they are doing something that you have expressly forbidden; in other scenarios much less intrusive we may need the position of our lost iPhone, so that we can recover and eventually report the thief who came into possession of it.
In all cases, just follow the advice we have prepared in the following guide to locating the iPhone of friends to see where they are.
We only remember that spying on any iPhone of which we are not owners and of an adult who has not given his consent is an offense criminally prosecuted in the crime of stalking, so it is better to use these systems only in the cases mentioned above.

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How to locate an iPhone without being noticed

Before proceeding with the services and apps dedicated to iPhone localization, we will have to prepare the Apple smartphone in order to correctly use the GPS and integrated systems to obtain the exact position.
Then turn on the iPhone to spy, click on Settings -> Location and we activate the voice Location.
IPhone menu location

Once this item is activated we click on Share my position, so we enable the item to Share my position.
Share my iPhone location

Now the iPhone geo-location services are up and running, even within the apps they request (not only with the integrated service offered by Apple).
Only care before proceeding: the symbol that indicates the location of the device is clearly visible in the upper right corner of the upper bar of the iPhone, to indicate to the owner that location service is in use on the device.
IPhone GPS icon

This means that if the attacker or the person you are following is sufficiently “awake”, he may find that something is wrong with the location and disable the services associated with it as we have seen in this part of the guide, and then get a truly invisible and hidden service currently not possible on the iPhone.
Having made this necessary premise, we find out in the rest of the guide which services and apps we can use to locate an iPhone.

1) Find my iPhone

The service offered directly by Apple allows you to track iPhones associated with iCloud profiles in a simple and immediate way.
First of all we open the location service page, available here -> Find my iPhone.
Service Find my iPhone

We enter the access credentials to view the last position of the iPhone, with the possibility of tracking its movements in real-time.
If we don’t get any results, maybe we need to set something up: let’s open the iPhone and let’s get into it Settings, so we click on the name of our profile (it should be at the top) and then we click on the item XXX iPhone, with the name by which we identified the phone.
Now select the item Find my iPhone and we activate the voices Find my iPhone is Send the last position to be able to make the best use of the geolocation services offered by Apple.

2) Prey

Another service we can use to locate an iPhone without being noticed is Prey, whose iPhone app can be downloaded from here -> Prey.
App Prey

Once installed we immediately create an account for the service (Sign Up), so we will have to grant all the permissions to the app to be able to act as a locator (we click on Allow on any request for special permissions on the iPhone).
Now that the app is installed, we can use the special “Camouflage” mode to hide it, so as to go unnoticed and prevent any kind of uninstallation; select the device in the right panel, then activate the item Camouflage toggle to hide the app making it pass for a harmless game.
To prevent it from being removed simply open the iPhone Settings menu to open the menu General -> Restrictions.
We enable the voice to Enable restrictions and enter a random PIN for protection, then scroll through the various items until you find and disable the entry App delete.
As a last configuration we enable continuous real-time monitoring of the position; open the app and enable the item Set device to miss and we choose the update frequency (with the free account we can only choose 10 or 20 minutes, not minor frequencies).
Now that the iPhone is ready, all we have to do is open the dedicated Web page and enter the login credentials to view the iPhone’s location.
The web page is accessible from here -> Track & Find Prey.

3) Lookout

Another app that we can try for free to locate an iPhone without being noticed is Lookout, available for download from here -> Lookout.
App Lookout

Once downloaded we start it, we complete the guided tour of the features and we authorize all the permissions required by the app to work great, so we create an account for the service by clicking Sign Up.
At the end of the registration, the service is already operational and will monitor in real-time each move of the iPhone, both through a report at a predetermined frequency and by requesting a position made by the Web service.
To access the Web page where to locate the iPhone under surveillance, simply click here -> Lookout Web.

4) Avira Mobile Security

Among the security apps that we can install on the iPhone, of course, Avira Mobile Security stands out, which in addition to scanning the device for threats, allows you to locate the device at any time.
We can download the app from here -> Avira Mobile Security.
Avira Mobile Security app

At the end of the installation on the iPhone, we will only have to create a free Avira account, assign all the permissions required for localization through the app and, at the appropriate time, request the location of the phone via the dedicated website, accessible from here -> Avira Login.
Among the other features available there is the sound alarm in case of theft, the app lock to avoid prying eyes and the system of evaluation of the space occupied on disk, useful for obtaining more space inside the iPhone.

In another article, all the best free apps to track down and find out where friends are with an iPhone.


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