Locate and find the geographical position of mobile phones or PCs

All the ways to locate the location and location of where a cellphone or computer is located

Locate smartphone Locating an electronic device such as a PC or smartphone is relatively simple, especially if it is the device in question is our property and we want to know its position in real time wherever it is. If, on the other hand, we want to locate another device or supervise a loved one (with his consent), we can do it with some heavy parental control programs and apps.
In this guide we will show you in detail all the methods that you can use for locate and find the geographical position of a mobile phone or PC, both in case we are the owners (in case of theft or loss) and in case we want to monitor a device of a minor or a person at home (always with his consent).READ ALSO: All ways to track your phone (Android, iPhone, Windows)

How to locate a smartphone, tablet or PC

To find the position of a person, just configure one of the surveillance systems seen below in advance or obtain his public IP address, more than enough to obtain an approximate position of the device used. Obviously, chat localization systems such as WhatsApp and Telegram are also fine, for those who decide to be followed in every move made.

Integrated geo-location

Google provides a localization on Android, to track the position and movement of smartphones or tablets registered with our Google account.
Find Phone

Virtually just add our account to the device to be monitored, thus providing consent to report the position of the same on the Google Maps map; this system does not violate privacy in any way because it is a service that you choose to voluntarily enter every time we add a Google account to a device with Android as the operating system.

Even on iPhones, iPads and Macs there is a page to track down the lost Apple device, the important thing is that it is associated with an Apple account that we can access at any time.

If we have activated the localization on Windows 10 and entered our Microsoft account, we can use it to track down a lost laptop. We first enable localization by taking us on the path Start> Settings> Update & Security> Find My Device; once localization is enabled, we go to the Microsoft personal page, go to Devices, then the card Find my device to start searching for the lost handset. Obviously the laptop will have to be turned on in order to track it, although we can still go back to the last known position as long as it was turned on.

Parental Control

Another effective method to locate a smartphone, tablet or computer involves the use of parental control services and apps, so that devices with different Google accounts or Apple accounts can be “under surveillance”.
One of the best parental control services is Google Family Link, which provides a separate app for parents and an app for children and teenagers.
Google Family Link

In addition to the forms of filtering and restriction typical of this type of service, it allows you to constantly monitor the position of the device in use by the “child” account, so as to obtain a complete report on the places frequented and on the activity carried out in real time ( without the possibility to disable it). The app is also available for iPhone, just download the dedicated app from the App Store.

If we are looking for other apps or services for parental control, we invite you to read our guides on How to limit the use of smartphones and tablets to minors.

Localization via messaging and social apps

If we have the user’s consent to locate it, we recommend that you use the location monitoring services provided by modern messaging apps such as Whatsapp, the famous app available for Android and iPhone.

To activate this location, simply obtain the smartphone of the person to be monitored, open the chat to us, press on the paperclip symbol then on Location -> Location in real time. In this way we will provide the position of the device in real time, monitoring all the movements until the permissions are removed.

Similar functionality is also available on the app Telegram (also available for Android and iOS): just access our chat from the phone to be monitored, press on the symbol with the paperclip, press on Position and activate the function Share current location for …, indicating how long we want to provide the location in real time.
On Facebook you can choose to be located and all friends can be found on the Bing map, with the new functionality of Facebook Places, of which I have written a guide.
There are also the Facebook friends maps based on the city of origin written on the profile.
Better yet, it is possible share location with Facebook Messenger as explained in another article.

To discover the other apps that offer similar functionality, we invite you to read our guides to App to send the position from the mobile or be followed in real time and at GPS locator app to find and “stalk” with friends or family.

Anti-theft app for PC, smartphone and tablet

In addition to the location systems integrated in Android and iOS, we can also use third-party apps as an anti-theft device, such as Prey Anti Theft, available for Windows and Mac, Android devices and iOS / iPadOS.

By installing the program or the service app, we will always be able to monitor the position of our devices and retrieve valuable information to attempt the recovery of stolen or lost devices; with the owner’s consent we can also monitor another device, so as to always be informed of the movements made.

If we are interested in installing an anti-theft app on our smartphone, tablet or PC, we invite you to read our guides on Best apps for all phones to find stolen or lost mobile phone is
anti-theft device for laptop and USB sticks.

Localization via IP address

If we have the IP address of the device connected directly to the Internet or the public IP provided to the modem, we can obtain the approximate position using one of the many IP location services such as the IP Location Tool.
IP localization

By entering the IP address in the Remote Address field we can obtain the approximate IP position, based on the information provided by the telephony operator. The precision is not high but it will allow you to obtain at least the city from which the public IP comes out, so as to know where it is or which radio tower it is connected to (in the case of IP assigned to smartphones or tablets).

To get the public IP and discover other strategies to track an IP, we recommend you read our guides Find public IP and private IP and difference is An IP address can be located.

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Locating a device or a person connected to the Internet is much simpler than it seems: it is enough that the person decides to be followed voluntarily or that he provides his IP or access to apps for parental controls to activate an H24 surveillance worthy of a detective!

If we want to protect ourselves from this type of espionage or to protect our privacy wherever we go we advise you to read our guide on how to surf anonymously and use fake IPs.
If, on the other hand, we wanted to derive the IP from an email received, we can do so by reading the suggestions seen in the guide locate the sender of an email and track who sent it.


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