Log in to Facebook without an account or subscription

facebook without registration Facebook is everywhere on the internet and if we are among those who do not want to get an account on the most used social network in the world, we may have to give up all the tools that it provides, especially those to “control” who a person is.
Who does not want to register an account, can use Facebook without registration in different ways, although obviously very limited.
As we will see, however, there are some possible ways to enter Facebook without an account, to search for people and also to see what they write to people without necessarily accessing an account.By using these methods, you can find people, pages, groups, games or anything on Facebook, but to view shared photos, profiles, and objects, you need to sign up for the service.
As we will see, however, it is possible to register without using a real name, with false but plausible information with a valid e-mail and also a phone number for verification.

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1) The first way to enter Facebook without an account, for a search for people’s profiles and to see what little you can, you must open the page of a search for people (has been removed).
On this page, you can find all the names of Facebook members, without exception.
As in the yellow pages, even on this Facebook page, you can search for people by their name using the search field at the top right, thus discovering if they are present and their possible profile picture.
The search for people can be improved by filtering the results by city and by school attended.
If you find a profile that we are interested in checking, you can click it and see inside it the information that that person has left publicly visible.
For example, opening my profile without signing up for Facebook you can find out a lot about me about education and profession, which I purposely leave free to look for.

From the same Facebook search page, it is also possible to find Pages and Places.
in this case, since almost every page leaves public information, it is also possible to see what is shared, even if it is not possible to put a Like or comment if we have not entered with a registered account.
The How2do page, for example, publicly shows all shared posts.

In addition to profiles, pages, and places there are also directories and public lists of Facebook Groups and games.

Note that when searching on Facebook without using an account it may be required to fill in a security code and you will often see a sign-up box that can be removed by clicking on the link “Not now“.

2) You can search for a person’s profile on Facebook using Google’s.
Most profiles are searchable on Google, so just write the name of that person to find their personal page.
To do a search specifically on Facebook, you need to search on Google using this formula: site: facebook.com name.
Clicking a search result will open the directory page and not immediately the public profile of that person.
In this regard, it is possible that a profile does not appear in Google searches.
Facebook, in fact, offers the possibility, in the privacy settings, to disable the indexing of the profile from search engines external to Facebook, including Google.

It is interesting to note that using Google search it is possible to find people’s profiles even if they have blocked us (if we are registered), even if it will not be possible to open these profiles.

3) Using i people search engines

As already seen in the past it is still possible to find profiles and find some public information using specialized search engines such as Pipl, where just enter a name to find all the social profiles associated with it.
Pipl also allows you to search for people from their email address or using other known information.

Another interesting search engine is Social Searcher, which allows you to view public posts written on Facebook regarding a certain topic, so as to read opinions and states without registering.

4) How to get into Facebook without a personal account?

You can register a fake profile, with which at least it becomes possible to do more accurate research and, if you wish, even try to become friends with those we know without being recognized.
We saw in the guide on how to create fake anonymous web accounts on every site (even Facebook)

Finally, it is worth remembering that the facebook Messenger application can also be used without a Facebook account.

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