Logitech rides the AI ​​wave: here is the mouse with a button to use ChatGPT

Logitech rides the AI ​​wave: here is the mouse with a button to use ChatGPT

L’artificial intelligence it is used more and more frequently and is now part of the workflow of many people. For this reason Logitech decided to create a solution that reduces the time required to request AI “intervention” in a given circumstance. With the Logi AI Prompt BuilderIn fact, all it takes is one click evocare ChatGPT.

The new software from the Swiss company allows the user with a compatible peripheral to give it an AI button. For example, with one click you can ask the OpenAI bot to rephrase a paragraph of text, transform it into a bulleted list, make it shorter or even adapt it to a specific word count. It is then possible to customize the length, complexity and tone of the generated text.

And for anyone who has a subscription to the Plus version of ChatGPT, you can also take advantage of the premium features, such as creating an image from scratch.

Logitech Mouse with AI button

«Logi AI Prompt Builder is a time and click saving solution», spiega Logitech. «Reformulate, summarize and create custom recipes with ChatGPT faster, with virtually no interruptions to your workflow».

New Logitech software compatibility

To use the new AI-based button customization system you need to download the free Logi Options+ software. At this address you can consult the complete list of compatible devices, including i mouse della gamma MX Master.

Logi Options+ is available for Windows 10 and later and macOS 12 and later.

A new AI mouse

Logitech in the meantime has also announced the new mouse M750 Signature AI Edition, now available for pre-order in the US for $49.99. However, it is not yet present in the Europen catalog and, in reality, it is not clear whether it will also arrive in the boot in the future.

The peculiarity of this peripheral is that it includes a button (highlighted by the teal finish) which by default it allows you to invoke ChatGPT. All without going through the prompt builder, therefore.

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