Mac and liquid damage: Apple has developed a new method to detect it

Not everyone knows that the Apple warranty Does not cover damage caused by liquids, not even in the case of water-resistant devices, such as iPhone, Apple Watch and some AirPods models. The Californian giant has studied various methods to detect if one of its products has been exposed to liquids, so as to easily determine whether it is eligible for free repairs. Well, in this regard, there is important news for i Mac.

On Macs, contact with liquids is also detected via the USB-C ports: here’s the new one daemon of macOS

It was discovered that macOS Sonoma 14.1 includes a new system daemon called “liquiddetectiond“. As the name suggests, this background program can identify if a Mac has been exposed to liquids. And more precisely, it does so by exploiting the porte USB-C del computer Apple.

MacBook Pro M3 - Connectivity

Il daemon in question works in a similar way to that of iPhone and iPad, which warns the user when the presence of liquids is detected in the USB-C/Lightning port so that he can quickly disconnect the charging cable and thus avoid serious damage to the device.

On the Mac, however, the program is used just for “analysis”. This means that the user does not receive any notifications (as happens on iOS and iPadOS) and that the daemon has the sole purpose of collect data that Apple technicians will then use to determine whether or not a Mac is eligible for free repair.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to track down liquid damage. In fact, on the same support page we read that “Mac laptop computers and some wireless and wired Apple keyboards have Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) to help you determine whether these products have been exposed to liquids“.

The indicators that Apple talks about are positioned “strategically” inside the devices and they change color as soon as they come into contact with water and other liquids. Therefore I am irrefutable evidence which the technicians use when carrying out the necessary checks.


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