MacBook Pro M3: 8GB of RAM is like 16GB of RAM on a Windows PC

During the event Scary Fastwhich made it a little more specialHalloween this year (at least for technology enthusiasts), Apple presented the new line of MacBook Pro. Among the new entries there is also the configuration from 14 inches with “basic” M3 processor and 8GB of RAM. Well, the fact that the Cupertino giant has decided to equip a laptop priced above 2,000 euros (in Europe) with only 8GB of unified memory it generated some bad mood.

Is it possible that in 2023, Apple launched a Pro line notebook with so little RAM? A more than legitimate question, despite the fact that during the purchase phase it is possible to opt for upgrades with costs that are not at all low (plus €230 for 16GB and plus €460 for 24GB). It must also be considered that, “due to” the type of architecture, the RAM – once the quantity has been chosen – cannot be updated.

MacBook Pro M3 with 8GB of RAM: to judge it you shouldn’t stop at the technical specifications, Apple declares

Going back to 8GB, according to many users they would not be sufficient for most professional workflows, especially when it comes to photo and video editing. In short, 16GB of RAM should be the minimum for a laptop with a certain type of target.

The criticism received pushed Apple to explain the reason for this choice. Here is what was stated by Bob BorchersApple’s VP of marketing, during a recent interview.

In reality, 8GB of RAM on a MacBook Pro M3 is probably the equivalent of 16GB on other systems. This is because we are simply able to exploit it much more efficiently.

«People should go beyond simple specifications and try to understand how a certain technology is used», declared the Apple executive, inviting users to try out the new MacBook Pro M3 firsthand so you can realize how powerful and efficient it really is.

For anyone who was wondering, compared to the model that sent it into retirement (the 13″ with Touch Bar), the new 14″ Pro offers several advantages. The display is a Liquid Retina


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