MacBook with M4 chip, Apple’s next computers will be very powerful

Big news at home Apple: the Cupertino company is working on the brand new ones chip Apple Silicon next generation and, according to the first rumors about it, the first Mac e Macbook con M4 processor they will arrive on the market by the end of the year with the catalog that will expand until mid-2025.

Few, as usual, confirmations but according to the information shared by Mark Gurmanthe famous journalist of Bloombergthe technology giant has many new features in store for its users and they will gradually see the light in the coming months.

Mac with M4 processor, what we know

According to Mark Gurman, the first updates to Apple’s catalog will arrive by the end of the year and the technology giant’s plans will involve iMac it’s a MacBook Pro entry-level.

According to rumors, therefore, it would already be there a well-defined timeline which, barring last minute changes, should include: a 14-inch MacBook Pro with M4 chip, which should be considered a “low-end” device and should arrive towards the end of 2024. This will also be joined by a 24-inch iMac always with the new M4 chip.

As regards, however, i MacBook Pro high-end, from 14 and 16 inches and with chips M4 Pro/Max, are expected between the end of this year and the beginning of next. Above all, these models, according to the first rumors, should obtain a great improvement compared to the past, guaranteeing truly high-level performance.

Another big news is the arrival of a Mac mini which will be available in two configurations: with M4 and with M4 Pro, also expected between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.

The next processor will also arrive on the iPhone 13 and 15 inch MacBook Airbut they won’t be available until spring 2025.

The new ones Mac Studio with an M4 chip, however, are expected for the second half of 2025 and should arrive on the market in parallel with the Mac Pro con chip M4 Ultra.

New chips from Apple, what we know

Clearly we do not yet know the technical details on these chips produced by the Cupertino giant but, according to Bloomberg, they will focus heavily on new and revolutionary functions dedicated toartificial intelligence.

After all, the arrival of the first chips Intel Ultra confirmed the exact same desire on the part of Microsoft to invest in AI functions and, given the historic “rivalry”, Apple cannot be left behind.

Furthermore, the famous apple, as is well known, is also working on AI updates for its next ones iPhone 16 and for iOS 18with these new features expected to be officially shown in June during the developer conference 2024.

It cannot therefore be ruled out that the next version of may also find a place here macOSalso ready to receive brand new features based on artificial intelligence ready to further enhance the famous operating system.

The appointment, therefore, is in June when perhaps the Cupertino company will shed light on its future plans, showing some of these highly anticipated features.

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