Magic Editor: here's what you can't edit with Google Photos' AI tool

The tool known as Magic Editor it was presented by Google at this year’s I/O conference and is – at least for the moment – exclusive to Big G’s latest top-of-the-range smartphones, namely Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

The tool exploits theartificial intelligence and makes it easy even for less experienced users tophoto editing. With excellent results, then. But is it possible to do absolutely everything with the Magic Editor of Google Photos? Actually no, because the Mountain View company thought well of it impose limits so that the tool in question is not exploited for improper uses.

What you can’t do with Google Photos Magic Editor

Through a’Photo APK code analysissome have been discovered restrictions relating to the use of the AI ​​tool. The code of version 6.60 of the app in fact includes error messages that would be shown to users in the event of some modifications that could be defined as “prohibited”.

From the strings we learn that – except for sudden changes of direction – Magic Editor will not allow the modification of:

  • Photos on ID cards and other documents, as this would violate Google’s generative AI terms
  • Images that include personally identifiable information
  • People’s faces and body parts
  • Large selections and selections that require too much data to be generated

Google Photo - Magic Editor

Magic Editor will then be able to edit the images via text prompts. Also in this regard there will be limits that users will not be able to overcome: the tool will not generate images if in the text prompt there are “forbidden” words.

According to testimony from Android Authority, some of the changes listed above are already blocked by Google Photos (such as editing a photo on an entity document). On the others, however, work is still in progress.

It is currently unclear when Big G will permanently integrate these restrictions others will be added, but it’s still good that he’s working on it. Generative AI is a valid ally in many circumstances, but Unfortunately, it could be misused by some.


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