Malware and online banking: Europe first in Europe for attacks

In recent days Trend Micro Research presented his report Stepping ahead of riska summary of the first six months of this 2023 regarding cyber threats.

The document in question provided rather negative data regarding our country. L’Europein fact, appears once again as one of the countries most at risk in this regard malware that hit theonline banking.

In this context, in fact, the beautiful country is first in Europe and fourth in the world. First of all in this unflattering ranking is the Japan, with 28,816 cases. Second position goes to United States (10,485 documented cases) with third la Türkiye (5,529). Europe places itself right at the foot of the podium, with 1,804 almost sign in.

More generally, 2023 seems to be looming as a black year for digital security. The ever-increasing cases of ransomwareThe exploit zero-day have now become a habit and the increasingly massive application ofArtificial intelligenceseem to leave little doubt about it.

Not just Europe in the crosshairs: here are the frightening numbers for the first half of 2023

According to the Trend Micro report, the adoption of new techniques capable of reducing the chances of detecting malware and other similar malicious agents is of particular concern. The document, for example, cites APT34 as an example, being one of the most well-known and feared cybercriminal collectives in the world.

Not least are other groups, capable of creating new and fearsome techniques such as stack rumblingwhich disables security products via Image File Execution Options (IFEO).

Overall though, it’s the sheer numbers that are scary. Still considering the first half of the year, they were counted well 894 new vulnerabilities identify of which 47 falling into the category of falle zero-day.

On the e-mail side, however, overall it has surpassed itself by more than a billion of emails filtered by anti-spam systems hourly due to the presence of malicious links inside them.


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