Malware that bypasses antivirus?  Here's how to outsmart them

The user base you can count on Android It is huge. At present, it is estimated that they are beyond that 3 billion users assets spread all over the world. All this makes the operating system of Google a coveted prey for cybercriminals.

Be it apps antivirus, antimalware, VPN o firewallusers theoretically have access to various protections but, despite this, the situation is far from secure.

Hackers operating in the sector are certainly not unprepared and the key to gaining access to so many devices is to bypass the appropriate controls. And, unfortunately, these malicious operations are often successful.

What makes the situation even more delicate is the fact that smartphones, today, contain an enormous amount of sensitive information and data on the owner. So, how can you outsmart malware creators and protect your phone?

Although the adoption of defensive tools is essential, it is good to go beyond this obviousness. For example, it is necessary to always do great Be careful what you download and install on your smartphone. Malware can be disguised as games and even from updates.

With a little cunning it is possible to block even malware that bypasses antiviruses

Se Google Play it is a reasonably safe environment, third-party stores are decidedly less so: rely on file APK downloaded from unsafe sites is a bit like playing Russian roulette.

Adopting multiple levels of protection can then guarantee greater certainty. If malware can bypass an antivirus, it could be blocked by a firewall, for example. A combination of multiple defensive elements can make life much more difficult for cybercriminals.

Another focus to maintain to avoid malware in the Android environment is keep your device updated, both as regards OS and as regards individual apps. Patches and updates act on bugs and potential vulnerabilities, blocking the way for malware.

Finally, you should stay alert regarding abnormal phone behavior. Slowdowns, pop-up e crashes, should be regarded as alarming symptoms. In this case, adopting an anti-malware tool or more drastic action (such as factory reset) can avoid real disasters.


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