Manage Facebook notifications to not receive the most annoying

Facebook notifications Facebook notifications on computers and mobile phones can become annoying if we receive many in a short time or if, after opening them, we realize that they only waste us time and effort in viewing them (often due to games or invitations to events or groups we will never participate in). It is therefore worth discovering how to reduce the hassle by showing you the options to configure for eliminate the most annoying Facebook notifications from the computer (via the web browser) or from the official Facebook apps for Android and iPhone / iPad.
At the end of the guide we will be able to personally manage which notifications to receive to limit them or even turn them off completely, so as to view the news or quotes on the blue social network, only when we open the site or app (much less frustrating).READ ALSO: Invisible on Facebook and be offline in chat and Messenger

Restrict or block Facebook notifications on PC and smartphone

In the following chapters we will see together how to best manage Facebook notifications from any computer or from the official app on smartphones and Android phones and on iPhone / iPad. Finally we will show you how to block everything and no longer receive any notification, ideal for the most extreme and annoying situations.

Manage Facebook notifications from PC

To manage Facebook notifications and choose what to notify and what to ignore, we open the Facebook page from any web browser (Chrome is fine) and enter the access credentials of our account; once you reach our profile, press the arrowhead symbol at the top right and click on the item Settings. In the new window we press the menu on the side Notifications, so as to have access to all the site notification settings.
Site notifications

We press on the type of notification that we want to delete and remove the check mark on the item Allow Facebook notifications, so that a No next to it.
Block notification

We repeat all the steps for notifications that we absolutely do not want to receive; alternatively we can also only receive notifications from the PC or only from the app, using one of the buttons immediately below the type of notification that we are configuring (obviously the global setting on the notification must be active).

Manage Facebook notifications from apps

To manage the notifications from the Facebook app, open it, log in with our account then press the icon in the top right in the shape of a hamburger (three horizontal lines), so that we can expand the menu Settings and privacy and then press on Settings. In the new screen we scroll until we find the menu Notification settings, from where we can manage every aspect of Facebook notifications.
Facebook app

Exactly as seen on the site we will have various types of notifications available, just press on the one we think is the most annoying and remove the tick from the item Push. To block all notifications immediately, we can also use voice Turn off push notifications, so that we don’t have to worry about any notification on our smartphone or tablet anymore.

How to block all Facebook notifications

If some notifications escape our blocks or we want to block all notifications quickly without opening the settings seen at the top, we can quickly act in the settings of the Google Chrome browser or in the settings for the apps offered by the operating system in use.

On Google Chrome we can block Facebook notifications by opening the site page, clicking on the padlock symbol (in the address bar) at the top left, pressing Site settings and setting to Block the voice Notifications.
Chrome notifications

On Mozilla Firefox we can disable Facebook notifications by clicking at the top right on the menu with the three horizontal lines, pressing on the menu Options, bringing us to the menu Privacy and security and finally pressing on the button Settings, present next to the entry Notifications.
Firefox notifications

We identify the Facebook site in the list, then set it to Block, so as to eliminate all the notifications of the social network in a flash.

On smartphones or Android tablets just open the Facebook app, go to the list of open apps (by holding down the button Homeby pressing the button Recent or by swiping from the bottom edge to the center of the screen, holding down a few seconds), hold down on the Facebook app and finally press on Settings -> Notifications, where you just need to remove the check mark on the item View notifications.
Android notifications

On other Android smartphones or tablets the menu may be slightly different and, in many cases, it will be accessible by bringing us to the app Settings, opening the path App or Applications and finally pressing on the Facebook item, where just search for the menu Notifications to delete Facebook notifications.

Finally, if we have an iPhone or iPad, we will have to act as seen in the previous chapter (i.e. directly inside the app), since the Facebook app for iOS or iPadOS forces the start of notifications also at the system level (it is not possible to use the menu Notifications to change the settings of the Facebook app).


As you can see, Facebook notifications are not so simple to understand: to have full control over them, we advise you to start from the settings offered by the website, then refine them from the mobile application.

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