Mark Zuckerberg has no doubts: Meta Quest 3 is better than Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg has no doubts: Meta Quest 3 is better than Vision Pro

For about two weeks, Apple’s first mixed reality headset has been officially available for purchase in the United States of America. The press reviews were published promptly, as is normal, and underline both the pros and cons of a device that is revolutionary in its own way. He wanted to try it too Mark Zuckerbergthe CEO of Meta, who for obvious reasons hopes that the Vision Pro does not follow the example of the iPhone.

For Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta Quest 3 is superior to the Apple Vision Pro: the reasons

Through his Instagram profile, Zuckerberg publicly shared his personal comment on the device of the moment, the aforementioned Apple Vision Pro. The American computer scientist and entrepreneur wanted to try the viewer first-hand which could create some problems for the competition, including the Meta Quest 3. Well, Zuckerberg’s final verdict leaves no room for discussion: «not only do I think that the Quest 3 has the best value for money, but I also think that the latter is the best product on the market».

In the video recorded directly via the Meta Quest 3 (pass-through mode), Zuckerberg highlights the compromises made by Apple to try to make the viewer as elegant as possible. Meta’s device, she explains, weighs 120 grams less and is therefore more comfortable to wear for longer sessions. Furthermore, it allows for greater movement both due to the wider field of view (compared to the Vision Pro) and the absence of a external and wired battery pack.

Meta Quest 3

But that’s not all, as Zuckerberg believes the Quest 3’s physical controllers and hand tracking for input are better, while admitting he’s a fan of the eye tracking (technology that will return in future versions of the Quest). And the price? The Quest 3 “is seven times less expensive than the Vision Pro,” says Meta’s CEO.

At the moment Meta has a huge advantage in the mixed and augmented reality headset market, but it is also true that Apple can count on more advanced hardware and a much larger “ecosystem” of developers. Which of the two companies will come out on top, then? It is not possible to provide an answer at the moment.

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