Mark Zuckerberg insists: the Meta Quest 3 is a better VR headset than the Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg insists: the Meta Quest 3 is a better VR headset than the Vision Pro

As many will remember, just a few days after the launch of Apple Vision Prothe CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg shared his thoughts on the superiority of the Quest 3 as a virtual reality headset. Well, a few hours ago Zuckerberg himself returned to the topic, this time on Threads, to reiterate the concept.

The discussion arose after a comment by analyst Benedict Evans, according to which the Vision Pro is “the device that Meta wants to achieve in 3-5 years“. Evans himself then believes that the comments from Meta’s VR team have created some controversy confusionbecause it is not true that the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro are fundamentally “the same thing”.

These statements were followed by Mark Zuckerberg’s response:

We are not saying the devices are the same. We are saying that the Meta Quest is superior. If our devices weigh the same as theirs in 3-5 years, or have the motion blur they have, or the lack of precision input, then this would represent a significant regression for us. Yes, their resolution is higher, but they achieved this by accepting compromises that make the device worse in many ways. And that’s not what we aspire to.

Commento Apple Vision Pro - Mark Zuckerberg

Items like excessive weight and motion blur they were brought up by Zuckerberg already last month. For the latter, the Meta Quest 3 would be superior to the Vision Pro because it is less expensiveoffers sharper images, supports precision controllers and can rely on a Largest and most engaging content library.

Compared to Apple’s mixed reality headset (which uses a 4K microLED display), the Quest 3 integrates two 2K ​​LCD panels. The weight is over 100 grams less and there is not even the bulk of the Battery Pack. This is in summary the analysis of Mark Zuckerberg, who on social media decided to review the rival product highlighting what, according to him, would be criticalities.

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