Messenger: in the roll-out the tab for the calls in the opening of the app

The popular messaging application from the Meta group has started distributing a specific section, in full view, dedicated to its audio and video calls: this is what it is and how it will work.
Messenger: in the roll-out the tab for the calls in the opening of the app

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In the last few days, Meta’s attention seemed to be focused on the launch, from next July 26th, of the new privacy policies, which, with the exception of Free Basics, Workplace, Messenger Kids, and WhatsApp, will concern Facebook users. , Messenger, Instagram, and other products. Indeed, there was also some sortie in the messaging field since, after the recent discoveries made about WhatsApp, rather succulent news emerged also regarding Messenger, the other great messaging app of the Mark Zuckerberg platform, born in the you started out as private internal messaging to connect the visitors of the social network in blue Facebook.

Now evolved into a chat reality on par with its most famous rivals (including internal ones), Messenger has long supported calls, audio and video, so much so that every day through it, according to the company, over 300 million video and voice calls: current metrics speak of a 40% growth that occurred in the last two years of quota attendance in presence, due to the fearsome coronavirus pandemic.

Just to encourage this trend, and as a reward for those who already use it for their “phone calls”, Messenger is currently releasing a function that will simplify making calls. On the WhatsApp cousin, to call you must go to a chat and touch the phone icon: this unless it is a missed call, in which case you can start it from the call list, using the shortcut of the handset.

Something similar was also stationed on Messenger, which – however – has now decided to remedy, introducing an exemplification which, with good reason, transforms Messenger into a credible alternative to the Dialer apps of the various phones given that, upon opening, it will present a card dedicated to calls. In the next few days, essentially, all Messenger users will find, in the lower part of the opening interface, a new tab, in addition to those for chat and people

This is the “Calls” tab, where a list of all the user’s contacts will be loaded, with a call-to-action button that will allow you to start the audio or even video call.


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