With all possible emphasis, in an official press release, Facebook announced that it had introduced a system of commands or shortcuts in its Messenger that, aimed at simplifying many tasks, for now allow mentions to all and silent messages.
Messenger: shortcuts arrive to simplify chats

Engaged in developing novelties such as the “Add Yours” stickers, which after Instagram appear to have also been conceived for social media in blue, Facebook (Meta) has not neglected what was born as a mere internal messaging of its social network, or Messenger, to which has just destined a potentially revolutionary improvement.

According to what was announced by Menlo Park with a post on the Messenger blog (messengernews.fb.com), the first “shortcuts” have just been enabled on this instant messaging platform in favor of Android and iOS users. in quick commands that allow you to perform some tasks more quickly (therefore with fewer keys to press), with the consequence of improving efficiency and the rate of fun in your communications.

The first command, already activated on Messenger for iOS and Android, is Slack-style mentions for everyone, in English @everyone, with various names depending on the user’s language (e.g. @all for Italian speakers, @ todos for Spanish speakers). By using this shortcut in a group chat, a notification will be sent to everyone for a message, useful as a reminder for a sudden meeting, to give maximum visibility to your message, or when perhaps you brainstorm to put together a common response to a urgent question.

The opposite command, already present on Instagram (@silent) and on Telegram, has also been activated, and concerns the shortcut / silent (/ silence, / silencio) which, in private chats, to limit distractions, will not send a notification of ‘accompaniment for your message, with the recipient who, during check-in, will continue to display the code of the unread messages.

In the future, then, other commands will arrive. On Android and iOS, in favor of US users, the / pay command will allow you to request (e.g. to be paid for a ride) or make (e.g. for a group dinner) a payment, easily and without any commission. On iOS, the shortcut / gif will allow you to easily search for the GIF that best suits your conversation, using the syntax that the topic typed after / gif wants. Last but not least, it will no longer be necessary to search the net and then copy them in chat, or manually type, the memes of the overturned table or the shrug, both easily recalled using, respectively, the commands / shrug & / tableflip.


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