Meta, a new AI model for videos is coming to Facebook

Videos are among the most popular contents on social networks and for this reason Meta has decided to improve the way in which they are recommended to users registered on Facebook. To do this she decided to introduce a new, more efficient algorithm, based on artificial intelligencewhich will allow users to view increasingly relevant, captivating videos in line with their interests and tastes.

The changes will be important and will involve every section of Facebook and every type of video, from Reels to longer and more traditional ones. This could bring new subscribers to the platform and will increase competitiveness with one of the most important competitors, especially when it comes to video content: TikTok.

Meta, how the new Facebook video algorithm will work

Increasingly precise recommendations: this is the goal that Facebook will soon achieve thanks to the use of a new AI model. This will directly influence the algorithm, which is currently already very powerful.

The new algorithm based on artificial intelligence will intervene in all areas of the social network and not only in its main section, the feed, improving the entire video ecosystem of the platform. The changes will also be visible, for example, in groups. This was revealed by Tom Alison, Head of Facebook, during a technology conference held in recent days in San Francisco.

Small tests have already been carried out which have shown that the new algorithm manages to have high performances. Reel viewing time increased by approximately 8-10%. A result that encouraged the developers to continue on the path undertaken.

Facebook’s AI-powered algorithm represents a real one TikTok is a challenge. ByteDance’s social platform has achieved extraordinary results, proving that it can keep users glued for a long time, offering them exactly what they want to see.

Meta, the company’s new projects on AI

The timing for the release of the new algorithm is not yet known, but its implementation is part of a work plana roadmap, which runs until 2026. Table that was developed to plan all the updates of the various Meta platforms following the huge new investments in artificial intelligence.

This new project designed for Facebook is in fact part of a much broader work program by Meta, which aims to implement artificial intelligence across all its products. Suffice it to say that the company recently spent significant amounts of money to purchase high-end graphics processing units from Nvidia in order to develop new generative AI models and virtual assistants for use on all its platforms. The aim is to take on the role of leader in a rapidly growing sector.

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