Meta and political content: hundreds of creators sign letter against the platform

Meta and political content: hundreds of creators sign letter against the platform

Since last March, Meta has applied a new philosophy to the political content disseminated on Instagram e Threadsmaking them less visible.

This happens through a default setting of the two social networks which, apparently, is not well accepted by some users.

In fact, hundreds of content creators have signed an open letter to the platform, asking that Instagram not set this sort of “by default”shadow ban” for material dealing with topics of this type.

Among the signatories of the letter are some prominent exponents of the platform, particularly famous in the United States. In addition to several journalists and activists, the actor d. also supported this cause Glee Kevin McHale (whose Instagram account has 1.1 million users) in addition to profiles ranging from entertainment to political organizations, there are ironic accounts.

Meta and its difficult-to-interpret laws on political content

It must be said that Instagram has a very elastic definition of political content, which leaves room for interpretation. In fact, for Meta’s social network, any post potentially linked to laws, elections and social topics can be considered as such.

The letter explains how this communication strategy can limit the conversation on topics such as climate change and the spread of weapons on American soil.

It should also be considered that there are creators who deal with sensitive topics on a social level and who, precisely because of this initiative, see their chances of being able to work on Instagram practically cancelled.

The relationship between social networks and political issues, on the other hand, has been much discussed for some time. It must also be taken into account that 2024 is a year full of important electoral events in various countries and that, precisely for this reason, the technology giants are moving to avoid abuses capable of influencing the vote of billions of people.

On the other hand, again Meta, has recently abandoned an instrument such as CrowdTangleused to counter fake news e disinformation.

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